Two prisoners who fled the vents from a Tennessee prison were killed, officials said.

Authorities have announced that two of the three Tennessee prisoners who have escaped county prisons via the HVAC air vent system are currently dead and a third search is underway.

Tobias Wayne Kerr, 38; Johnny Shane Brown, 50; Timothy Allen Server, 45, escapes from Sullivan County Jail in Tennessee on Friday morning. Get out of the roof vent..

The Sheriff’s Office in Sullivan said the car and server were “confirmed dead” in Wilmington, North Carolina. update Monday afternoon.

Officials said he was involved in a robbery at a convenience store elsewhere in North Carolina and “tracked authorities in multiple jurisdictions before the vehicle became unusable in Wilmington.”

Authorities did not reveal how the car and server died.

Meanwhile, Johnny Brown’s search continues.

The United States Marshals Service and the Tennessee Department of Investigation are supporting the search.

The sheriff’s office also announced a $ 7,500 bounty for information leading to the arrest of each man.

If you have information about where men may go, please call 1-800-TBI-FIND.

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