Two prosecutors who led the Manhattan DA Trump investigation suddenly resigned: Report

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  • The NYT reported that the two prosecutors who led the Manhattan DA Trump investigation have resigned.

  • Their resignation allegedly happened after the new Manhattan DA said they were uncertain about proceeding with the case.

  • DA’s office has previously charged the Trump organization. And the CFO of 15 felony counts.

The two prosecutors who led the Manhattan district attorney’s investigation into the Trump organization suddenly resigned on Wednesday. The New York Times reported..

The resignation of the two prosecutors, Carrie Dunn and Mark Pomeranz, reportedly came after new district attorney Alvin Bragg questioned the proceedings against former President Donald Trump.

DA’s office has previously charged the Trump Organization and its longtime chief bookkeeper, Allen Weisselberg, with 15 felony charges. Trump has not been charged with a crime.

Pomeranz confirmed his resignation to the Times, and Dan refused to comment on the issue. The newspaper reported that Trump’s investigation was stalled as Bragg hesitated to prosecute Trump, and neither Pomeranz nor Dan asked witnesses for more than a month in front of the grand jury.

The first accusations resulting from the investigations filed against the Trump Organization and Weisselberg focused on allegations of tax evasion plans. However, subsequent research has focused on whether the Trump Organization and Trump itself have artificially inflated or contracted the value of assets for loan and tax purposes, respectively.

DA’s investigation recently focused on whether Trump exaggerated his monetary net worth when applying for a loan. His longtime accounting firm, Mazars USA, has determined that the decade of his financial statements “should no longer be trusted” based on exposure from another civil investigation by the Attorney General of New York. After that, I broke my relationship with him earlier this month.

Wednesday’s news that DA’s investigation had apparently slowed came as state prosecutor-general Tish James’s civil investigation heats up. A Manhattan judge last week ordered Trump and his two eldest sons, Donald Jr. and Ivanka, to follow James’ subpoena for documents and testimony.

It was also after Trump and Weisselberg’s lawyers asked the judge to dismiss DA’s proceedings against the Trump organization and its CFO because of “selective” and politically motivated indictments.

Weisselberg’s lawyer said he was “collateral damage” in “the long-standing pursuit of Mr. Weisselberg’s longtime boss, Donald J. Trump.” And they should be prosecuted because they picked out former Trump fixer Michael Cohen and was exonerated when Weisselberg testified before a grand jury in a previous unrelated federal criminal investigation against Cohen. Insisted that it was not.

“Maybe he was the last person to meet the DA team,” Cohen told insiders, adding that he was interviewed about a month ago in the investigation.

He said it didn’t make sense at the time that there was a backlash from Bragg’s office, or that “something was wrong with the prosecution.”

“I’m deeply upset [The Times’] “It’s information owned by DA, and I know that not prosecuting it would be a neglect of duty to all New Yorkers and countries,” he said.

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