Two strangers wake up in Netflix’s horrifying “two” abdomen sewn together




For every punch line it created Mukade human (first sequence) Since its release in 2009, Stan and the repulsive force have not diminished, and there remains a legally violating Shrock provocation. Body horror nightmares aren’t as confusing as the Dutch film directed by Tom Six, and in the years following their debut, many have sought to rival that extreme adversity, but few have succeeded. plug.Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop artists from continuing to challenge, and the latest example is from Netflix. two, Director Mar Targarona and Producer Rodder y Rodder (Orphanage, Julia’s eyes) Aiming for thrills by maintaining a strong proximity to the horror of its center.

two (Now) is an efficient and simplified case that begins with a close-up of Sarah (Marina Gatel)’s eyes. Sarah (Marina Gatel) wakes up in bed next to / partially a stranger who will learn later. The name is David (Pablo Derqui). Neither Sarah nor David know each other, nor do they know where they are or how they got there. But they immediately guess that every time they try to move, they feel so much pain in the lower abdomen that they simply can’t get up and leave. A brief twist or turn will reveal the cause of the discomfort. Physically connected just above the waist via a giant suture, it creates a fleshy link that is both shocking and firm and unbreakable.

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Panic, of course, begins almost immediately. Especially for Sarah, whose first instinct is to blame David’s situation. Of course, this doesn’t make sense. David is as victim of this huge bond as she is.Still, it’s an incredible reaction to someone in the pain of horrific anxiety, and two I repeatedly find Sarah unable to understand her situation and impulsively relying on the idea that David must take responsibility. David, on the other hand, isn’t too scared, but he’s a little crazy about his situation. Further exacerbating their fear is the fact that during the first conversation they cannot come up with a single thing they share: he grew up poor, attended public school, Port; she was a wealthy wife. So, I’m a junior for 5 years, attending a private school and working at a clothing store.

The script by Cuca Canals, Christian Molina, and Mike Hostench draws a squirting from the attachment of David and Sara to Frankenstein and a mystery from ignorance about why the protagonist was chosen for this experiment. As for the former, director Targarona has a relatively minimal shot of the sutured area of ​​the duo, which is good for viewers to keep imagining it. Instead, she focuses on the distressed facial expressions of the protagonist and their faces to place us right next to them (if not in the middle) as a means of increasing their involvement with their crazy plight. Stick firmly to. When she’s away from them, she sticks to the winding operations they employ to avoid the bedrooms they find themselves — tricky, unpleasant, and essentially slightly erotic movements. ..

The predicament of David and Sarah is essentially sexualized, two Play it not only visually, but also from a dynamic point of view. Hurry and embarrassed ad hoc couples deal with it by searching settings for clues and occasionally drowning screams and tears with passionate kisses. To temporarily escape from thinking about and dealing with their whimsical position. What’s even more unique is that the room lights go out every time the lips meet. This suggests that the people behind this plan want to be familiar, but not. that too got used to seeing. Anyone who associates David and Sarah explicitly wants to comply with a particular set of rules, but it is almost impossible to analyze those rules from the immediate reality.

As expected from this scenario two From the eerie paintings on the walls to the dresser’s Bible, it’s doubled. This suggests that the perpetrators of this atrocity are obsessed with serious numbers. Director Targarona slowly teases Sara and David’s details and pushes them towards a grand revelation of what happened to them, but as expected, they don’t indulge in unpleasant events. The highlight of those moments comes early when David and Sara confess to each other that they have to use the toilet and are forced to crouch between each other’s legs while sitting in the toilet. The fact that they can’t help laughing at this nonsense for a moment proves one of the few examples where the film deals with its own absurdity and, as a result, creates our sympathy for the David-Sara dilemma. ..

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In 71 minutes without waste, two It won’t be long before you start dropping the bomb about the person adjusting this madness.Given the fascinating setting of the minutes, those answers turned out to be pretty pedestrian, and the movie Human centipede, It is its most obvious spiritual predecessor. That said, even if Targarona and the company come up with a fairly brief explanation of their madness, they add a twist to the finale (don’t ruin it here) and add an even more annoying layer to the overall effort. I will do it. This surprise is treated almost boldly. The impact on David and Sara is ignored and the more imminent momentary life-and-death issue is prioritized, but still consistent with the general sense of sickness humor in action.

“We’re fine and really messed up,” David gets excited early on. two, And the precognition of that statement cannot be denied by the conclusion of the story. A slightly focused, enthusiastic exploitation film, Targarona’s film, between its conciseness and somewhat overwhelming last act, is temporary, even if it’s really intangible to hurt. We will provide you with the promise of sufficient skill and wit to provide a rush.

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