Two teens were arrested after a series of shootings at Arlington’s home, police said.


Arlington police have Arrested two teens In connection with four shootings at the same house within the last two and a half weeks.

The agency believes the pair is “shooting in a house 800 blocks of Medina Drive,” Al Jones said in a tweet on Friday morning. According to Jones, the motive was probably a social media feud. No one was injured in the shooting.

Police spokesman Tim Siesco said in an email Friday that both Tixabion Pimpleton, 18, and Brian Lawrence, 19, were charged with one fatal act. These allegations are related to the latest shootings that occurred on Monday, and additional allegations have been put on hold until the results of the investigation are available, Ciesco said.

He said he couldn’t be too specific about the potential motivation because many details haven’t been confirmed, but police are investigating social media posts that may have caused this. Stated. “There is no evidence to suggest that this was a hate crime motivated by the race or ethnicity of the victim,” he added.

One of the homeowners He told KXAS-TV that he was a Muslim..

“It’s very rare and very worrisome to see one house being targeted this way in such a short period of time,” Ciesco told Star-Telegram.

“Through this investigation, our gun crime unit has made constant efforts to identify and arrest suspects,” Ciesco said. “And it was mainly their efforts that made it possible to reach this point today.”

The· 4 separate cases Occurred between March 19th and Monday, multiple shooters fired at their homes each time. According to police, the bullet passed through the brick wall of the house and at least one vehicle. The detectives, the homeowners who may have targeted them, and why were unknown.

However, police began developing reeds after the latest shooting on Monday. According to KXAS-TV, a security video provided by the homeowner showed that the two were firing on the street before escaping.

The homeowner told the news station that he had lived with his 85-year-old grandmother for 12 years and couldn’t sleep in the last few weeks.

Arlington police have increased patrols in the neighborhood in recent weeks, the agency said.

Jones said in a tweet that the detective is working to determine if anyone else is involved in the shooting.