Two Tiktokers who traveled to Hawaii spent nearly $ 1,000 to go to LA and come back.

Hawaii girls
  • Two women from TikTok spread in word of mouth after making a video about their trip from North Carolina to Hawaii.

  • They tested negative for COVID-19, but Hawaii only accepts results from certain medical companies.

  • The women flew to California to complete the COVID-19 test before returning to Hawaii.

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Two women flew from North Carolina to Hawaii for a summer trip, but were forced to return to California because they had not been properly tested for COVID-19.

On Tuesday, TikTok users were hooked on videos shared by the following users: Sarah Blackwood And her friend, Abbey CampbellAbout their unexpectedly troublesome trip to Hawaii.

The two told Insider that they decided to go on a trip after graduation. East Carolina University Early this month. Both women told Insider. Vaccinated The COVID-19 test was negative before the trip.

In videoOver 1.2 million views, Blackwood explained how the story began when he was sitting at his local Honolulu airport. She and Campbell departed early in the morning at Raleigh Durham International Airport in North Carolina on Tuesday, then flew to Georgia and landed in Honolulu after a nine-hour flight.

“We got here. We got over it with the feeling,’Oh my god, we’re so excited. It’s beautiful,'” Blackwood said in a video. “[But] Our COVID test is not from the right place. They did not accept our COVID test. “

Campbell said, “Basically, you need to get it from a particular vendor. We didn’t know that. Just our COVID test was negative.”

According to the country website, Hawaii only accepts “Reliable Tests and Certified Laboratory Improvement and Correction (CLIA) Test Results from Travel Partners”.

CLIA regulates laboratory tests and clinical laboratories must be accredited by the Medicare and Medicaid Service Centers. FDA Said.Hawaii website shared approved list Travel partnerincluding Walgreens And American family care.Travelers must test negative for COVID-19 to visit Hawaii Before landing on Honshu.

Blackwood told insiders that he was shocked when he learned that the COVID-19 test was incorrect and that airport employees had to fly back to Los Angeles, California to complete the test. T.

“When I was told I had to go back to Los Angeles, I saw Sarah and thought,’It’s a joke,'” Campbell said. “They said our other option was to quarantine.”

However, the 10-day quarantine meant rescheduling the entire schedule, including Airbnb bookings, car rental services, and plans to visit Maui later this month. Blackwood and Campbell paid a total of $ 950 to get back their last-minute ticket to Los Angeles International Airport.

“I think we met a total of six couples there for the same reason,” Blackwood said, adding that some of them were newlyweds and a North Carolina family.

After spending about six hours at Los Angeles International Airport, Blackwood and Campbell were able to return results and take a waiting flight back to Honolulu. The women said other travelers and airport staff began to recognize themselves from their TikTok videos.

By the time Blackwood and Campbell settled on Honolulu Airbnb, they had traveled about 40 hours with just 6 hours of sleep.

Fortunately, Blackwood and Campbell officially started their vacation by Wednesday, but there was some advice for travelers heading to Hawaii.

“Check out the website. Take a test from one of the tests listed there,” Blackwood said. “And if you’re going from another island, get a COVID test in advance.”

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