Two white men chased and shot a black FedEx driver while delivering cargo.Lawyer accuses his father and son duo of being “too light”

The black Federal Express driver says he was shot by a white man during the shift. A 24-year-old man gave the authorities of the vehicle he was using for his delivery a photo showing a hole in a bullet suspected of being shot.

According to the Mississippi Free Press, D’Monterrio Gibson Two white men Attacked him on Monday, January 24th. The man was identified as his father, Gregory Case, and his son, Brandon Case.

Gregory case and Brandon case (mugshot)

Gregory case and Brandon case (mugshot)

The young man works at FedEx and delivers luggage around 7 pm in the suburbs of Jackson, Brookhaven, Mississippi, when a white pickup truck was driving towards a residence near the designated address in Drops. Was there.

Gibson recalled what happened that night and told the free press: [the driver] Depart to go to a store etc, then they get very close to me and start honking. I leave the driveway. When I leave the driveway, he starts driving in the grass trying to cut me off. “

After assessing the situation, Gibson says his “instinct” began and he bent out of the way of the truck. Gregory Case was driving a truck.

“I don’t know what he meant, so I started beating gas to get out of the neighborhood,” he told the outlet.

“I drive a couple of houses. Another man standing in the middle of the street points his gun at my window and signals me to stop with his hand,” stop. ” I said the word. I shook my head, hiding behind the steering wheel and swirling around him. As I circle around him, he begins firing shots at my car. “

Man standing in the middle Junior trail It was reported by Brandon Case, 35, WLBT that had a firearm.

When the young man was able to reach the end of the street, he talked to his manager at the FedEx office and reported the incident.

“Are they shooting you?” He said he asked before the manager told him to “return to the station” as soon as possible. But when he tried to leave the area, he saw a white pickup truck trying to hunt him down on the grass approaching him again.

D'Monterrio Gibson (family photo)

D’Monterrio Gibson (family photo)

“I went as fast as I could. He chased me all the way to the interstate,” he said, claiming that the truck stopped chasing him 10 or 15 minutes after getting on the freeway.

He called the office again and talked to another manager. The manager told him that the office would submit a police report in the morning. Gibson didn’t wait. He reported the assault himself.

“I arrived at the dispatch and let him know what was going on. When he cut me off, I had the opportunity to talk a little bit, and he said,” You are at this address. Were you there? “I said so,” Gibson said.

The dispatch told the man that he had received a phone call reporting that the “suspicious person” was at the address in question. Gibson replied: “Sir, I’m not a suspicious person. I work for FedEx. I was just doing my job.”

While Gibson continued his story, he said a man shot him, and the dispatcher allegedly replied, “Well, they didn’t tell me that.” The coordinator removed his name and told him he would give it to the supervisor to continue documenting his report.

After returning to the FedEx station, the first manager examined the van he was using during the day.

Gibson reported that he and his manager discovered that “there was a hole in the ammunition behind the van, in the package, and in all such things.”

Carlos Moore of the Cochrane office, now Gibson’s leading lawyer, showed a picture of one bullet in the package and on the floor of the vehicle at the exit of the bullet hole in the truck.

Despite being a unified delivery driver for FedEx, which looks like the brand’s distinctive colors and logo, Gibson was driving a white Heartsvan at the time of shooting.

On Tuesday, January 25, Gibson and one of his managers returned to Brookhaven to submit a report to the city’s department.

The police report says:Candice Welch said she was Gibson’s Booing [sic]The van had at least [sic] Two ammo holes. One on the backdoor, the other on the bumper, and the three internal packages had ammunition holes. She also had a picture of a bullet still in the van. “

Gibson claims that even submitting a report violated him. One of the three officers he spoke to asked him, “Did you do anything to make them feel suspicious?”

“Even if I did, I felt despised at that point because they still couldn’t put the law in their hands. So I told him all I did was my job. If they thought I was suspicious, it was to them. He was like “OK, I was just asking”, “he said.

A police officer took him back to the crime scene and searched for evidence of the shooting, but found nothing.

Six days after the police report was submitted, the father and son crouched.

On Tuesday, February 1, the father was charged with assault, and the son was charged with worsening assault. The case was released one day later with bonds of $ 75,000 and $ 150,000, respectively.

Moore told WLBT: We believe this is an attempted murder. They had no good reason to do what they did under the law. This guy wasn’t doing anything wrong, and we believe it was racially motivated. “

Gibson claimed that the two men who attacked him were associated with Chris Case, an assistant police chief in Brookhaven. As a result, the man was able to bend down after a week.

Brookhaven Police Chief Kenneth Collins said the case had nothing to do with the investigation and police officers said it had nothing to do with his father and son, saying that was not true.

His lawyer said his client would work with the FBI and the Mississippi Investigation Bureau to initiate a formal investigation and ask the US Department of Justice to “prosecute this as a hate crime.”

Moore said his client’s experience was very similar to the shooting of Amado Arbury, a black man who was chased and killed by three white men in South Georgia in 2020.

“It’s sad that it happens. It’s like a copycat duo that mimics the Armaud Arbury case,” Moore said.

“They saw this guy black, and they just pulled and shot him many times, at least the next son did. The older guy tried to lock him in. They were working together to catch and kill this man. That is, they shot him several times. It’s amazing that he survived. “

Free press reporter Ashton Pittman wrote on Twitter that the local NAACP planned a new meeting to deal with the Gibson attack on Saturday, February 5. area. “The press conference has been cancelled.

“President Ricokine of the NAACP in Lincoln County is reluctant to respect his family and talk about the racism experienced by black residents in Brookhaven in the presence of such a large police force, so today’s press conference Says he has decided to cancel. “

Gibson began working at FedEx during the July 2021 pandemic. Despite the traumatic incident, FedEx did not change its delivery route. Gibson hasn’t returned to work and is currently on an unpaid vacation. He states that he was “unpleasant” and “uneasy” about resuming his mission.

He is waiting for the delivery service to find another route for him.

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