Two women hospitalized after California woman died and had plastic surgery from the same Tijuana doctor

Medical tourism generates over 1 billion annual revenues

A Californian woman with a broken heart seeks an answer after her daughter died on the operating table while undergoing cosmetic surgery in Mexico.

Quana WeaverTwo 38-year-old mothers from Long Beach reportedly told their families that they were “traveling to Florida to work.” It was too late by the time her mother learned that Weaver had actually gone to Mexico. Weaver died after undergoing a $ 6,700 liposuction operation in Tijuana in January, and two other women were hospitalized after the same doctor performed the operation on the same day. Man Report.

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All three steps were performed by the doctor on January 29th. Jesús Manuel Báez López At Art Siluette Aesthetic Surgery, San Diego Union Tribune..Weaver traveled to Tijuana with a friend Crab Sha Davis, Because they both planned liposuction and abdominal wall plasty. Davis, who happened to be a nurse, told the publication that he was soon released because he knew something was wrong when Weaver wasn’t connected to the monitor during surgery.

Keuana Weaver / Facebook

Keuana Weaver / Facebook

“I was a nurse, so I thought something was wrong,” Davis said, saying she became severely ill after returning to California after Baez’s surgery. She bleeds from the inside and begins to vomit blood. Davis was finally hospitalized for two weeks after learning that she was bleeding internally.

“If I hadn’t been to the hospital when I went, I would have been dead,” she said. “Did you know that we are taking the risk of being in Mexico? Yes. But have we always thought the risk would die? Number.”

Weaver’s mother LennyThe 58-year-old said the sudden death of her daughter was “heartbreaking.”

“I want to know what happened,” she said. San Diego Union Triview.. “Quana was a very independent woman. A good, loving, wise and very intelligent black woman,” she added. “It’s almost sad that this happened to my daughter because she was already so beautiful to me that I couldn’t see it both inside and outside.”

Lenny was told that Weaver’s cause of death was “secondary hypoxic encephalopathy” due to lack of oxygen.

by Daily mail, Baez is not a member of the plastic surgeon’s organization called Asociacion Mexicana de Cirugia Plastica, Estetica y Reconstructiva. Mexican state law stipulates that only certified plastic surgeons are allowed to perform certain cosmetic surgeries such as liposuction and abdominal wall plasty. In 2015, Baez’s clinic was reportedly closed because it “did not meet the minimum requirements for legal operation.”

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“We are working very hard to ensure that unqualified physicians are immediately closed and investigated by the Attorney General.” Atzimba VillegaThe mayor of medical tourism said in a statement. “It is essential for the industry as a whole that patients are safe, well cared for, and get the results they are looking for.”

in the meantime, Esmeral Dainiges After undergoing surgery at the clinic on the same day as Weaver and Davis, she also talks about her deadly trials.

“He overtightened my abdominal muscles, crushing all my organs together, blocking the blood supply to my kidneys and causing what is called abdominal compartment syndrome,” Baez Iniges said. Told.

“By the time I arrived at the Chula Vista ER on February 3, I was very corrupt. I was literally a few hours after my death. My kidneys were closed,” she said. San Diego Union Triview.. Iniges continues to suffer from renal failure and was hospitalized again this month.

Prior to COVID, millions of Californians traveled to Mexico for cosmetic surgery. Mexico is usually cheaper than the United States. Medical tourism reportedly generates more than $ 1.7 billion annually.

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