Two women shot dead in an apartment complex in central Fresno

Police are investigating after the shooting killed two women. The search for the suspect is still ongoing.

Video transcript

With breaking news.

VANESSA VASCONCELOS: And the latest news comes from central Fresno, where police are investigating after two women died overnight in a shooting. The search for their murderers is still active this morning. Police received a call about the victims of the shooting near the intersection of Olive and Fisher Avenue just before 11:30 last night.

And when they arrived, they found a woman suffering from some gunshot wounds in an apartment complex. The first responder rushed the victim to the hospital, where she died of an injury. As police officers continued to search for nearby apartments, they found another woman with a bullet wound on her upper body. MedEx declared her death on the scene and made it a double murder investigation. Officers have not provided an explanation for the suspect or explained anything that could have led to a fatal shooting.

Paul Cervantes: I want people to know that there is no reason for us to believe that everyone in this area is currently in immediate danger. We believe the suspect has left the place. We are currently actively working on leads, but the weapons of this particular investigation are still outstanding.

VANESSA VASCONCELOS: Police did not reveal the age of the woman who was killed in the shooting last night. For more information, please contact Valley Crime Stoppers or Fresno Police.