TX officials say the mother married her 47-year-old to a 13-year-old.She’s going to jail

Officials say the mother was convicted by a Texas jury after admitting that her 13-year-old daughter had been sexually abused by the girl’s 47-year-old “husband.”

The mother said that “marriage” between the daughter and the man was “a normal part of her religious beliefs,” and she agreed with it, the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Office. However, Texas law prevented the girl from participating in a legal marriage because she was too young.

The false marriage between a child and a man lasted almost a year after the child revealed information about it during the appointment of a doctor before authorities knew it in 2017.

According to the prosecutor, the 13-year-old woman was “sexually active with her husband” during her appointment in 2017. Her mother was present during her appointment.

The prosecution said that the 47-year-old man was not the only one who sexually abused the girl, the prosecution said during the proceedings. A Fort Bend prosecutor said the girl’s mother also sexually abused the girl a few years ago “in the guise of another religion.”

On April 29, a jury convicted her mother of continued sexual abuse of her young child and she was sentenced to 30 years in prison...

“I comfort the jury’s verdict because it says there are consequences of waiting for a mother who has failed to protect as deeply as (the defendant) did,” said the chief prosecutor. Said Charan Thompson.

According to prosecutor Jessica Ramos, child protection service caseworkers helped help children during the investigation and trial. The girl was adopted by her new mother.

“I admire this child for her strength and resilience as she continues to recover from the crimes committed against her,” said Brian Middleton, a lawyer in the Fort Bend County district. “I wish her success in all her future efforts.”

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