U.S. and South Korea fly 20 fighters in military show of force amid North Korean nuclear tensions

The United States and South Korea held a joint air force demonstration in the West Sea, an Asian country, early Tuesday to show preparations for combat against North Korea.

On the yellow waters of the western Pacific Ocean between China and the Korean Peninsula, the two coalitions have a total of 20 fighters (16 F-35A stealth fighters and 4 F-16 fighters). Included) fired.

South Korea’s Joint Chief of Staff said on Tuesday, “South Korea and the United States will be able to quickly and accurately attack North Korea’s provocation by demonstrating their combined defense capabilities and attitude through this combined air force demonstration flight. He showed his ability and will. ” Reported by CNN.

Epoch Times Photo
In this photo, provided by the South Korean Ministry of National Defense, US and South Korean air force fighters fly in formation during joint training on June 7, 2022. (Korea Ministry of National Defense via AP)

It comes in fear that North Korea may soon start its first nuclear test in nearly five years.

Authorities will launch another explosion at a nuclear test site in the northeastern town of Punggye-ri, where the last nuclear test was conducted in September 2017, when North Korea claimed to have detonated a designed thermonuclear bomb. For that intercontinental ballistic missile that said it may have opened an access method for.

On Tuesday, U.S. Secretary of State Wendy Sherman said powerful if North Korea conducts another nuclear test when North Korea meets with South Korea and Japan’s allies and travels to Seoul to discuss a stand-off. I warned you about the response.

“A nuclear test would be a complete violation of the UN Security Council resolution. Such a test would have a quick and powerful response,” said the Associated Press Sherman. “We continue to urge North Korea to end its unstable and provocative activities and choose a diplomatic path.”

Sherman and South Korea’s Deputy Foreign Minister Cho Hyun-Dong are planning to meet with Japan’s Deputy Foreign Minister Takeo Mori on North Korea’s nuclear issue on Wednesday.

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Right South Korea’s first Deputy Foreign Minister Cho Hyun-dong and US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman will take pictures at a meeting held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Seoul on June 7, 2022. (Jung Youngjae / via pool photo) AP)

Tuesday’s military readiness display was the day after South Korea and the United States Launch 8 short-range ballistic missiles To Tokai on Monday.

This move was “to demonstrate the combined ability. [U.S.-South Korea] The U.S. Forces Korea has reaffirmed Washington’s “ironclad” commitment to defending South Korea, saying “an army to respond quickly to crisis situations.”

The U.S. military also carried out Bilateral ballistic missile A defense exercise with Japan on June 5 to demonstrate “preparation for the Japan-US alliance to respond to regional threats.”

North Korea launched eight short-range ballistic missiles from four locations on June 5. The South Korean co-staff said the missile had traveled 110-670 kilometers (68-416 miles) east at an altitude of 25 to 90 km (15 to 55 miles). ).

The latest missile test is the 18th North Korean missile launch this year, the previous test on May 25, with three ballistic missiles just hours after President Joe Biden finished his trip to Asia. I launched a missile.

Epoch Times reporter Aldogra Fredley contributed to this report.

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