U.S. Army veterans who volunteered to fight in Ukraine say they will strengthen themselves for the fight by thinking of “punched” Tucker Carlson.

Ukrainian foreign volunteer, left, Tucker Carlson, right.

Image of foreign troop recruits in Ukraine (left) and Tucker Carlson (right).Getty Images

  • A veteran of the US military who volunteered to fight Russia tweeted from the front line.

  • James Basquez said he would think of “punched” Tucker Carlson as he prepared for the fight.

  • Basquez describes his service in Ukraine as a “very dangerous vacation.”

A U.S. Army veteran who volunteered to fight Russia in Ukraine said he was preparing for the fight by thinking about Tucker Carlson. The Guardian reported.

“When I need to strengthen myself for a fight, I just think of the most punchy face on the planet … Tucker Carlson,” James Basquez. Tweet last week.

critic Carlson, the host of Fox News Reflects the issue of Russian President Vladimir Putin.. Mother Jones reported The leaked Kremlin war memo instructed Russian state media to pick him up “as much as possible.”

Basquez, a building contractor and former US Army sergeant from Connecticut, has become viral with lively tweets about the war between Ukraine and Russia.

He spent weeks sharing details with more than 200,000 followers while voluntarily serving the Ukrainian army.On his Twitter page, he explains how he helped. “Take-out” Boasting as a tank Catch the Russians.

“I feel like I’m having a very dangerous vacation.” Said One tweet summarizing his time in Ukraine.

According to the Guardian, Basquez arrived in Poland on March 15 and traveled to Ukraine the next day.

Said his wife Tina Basquez New York post Participating in the battle is “in his DNA.”

“He did the same after 9/11 and came to help in a hurry,” she told the post. “It’s just who he is — he’s my hero.”

Foreigners can participate in the battle with Russia by participating Georgian Legion of Ukraine Or the country’s voluntary Ukrainian territorial defense force.

Friday, Basquez Said in a tweet Wanting to “clarify” that he is the only American he has seen in battle.

“I don’t want Russian propaganda planes to say that there is an American battalion I’ve already seen,” he said. “Here alone, in a completely voluntary position.”

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