U.S. blacklists five Chinese companies allegedly supporting Russian troops


On June 28, the Biden administration added five Chinese companies to the economic blacklist for supporting Russia’s military and defense industry base and blocking them from US technology.

The U.S. Department of Commerce press release On Tuesday, before Russia launches an attack on Ukraine on February 24, the two companies will provide a relationship with Russia’s “substances of concern” and “supply to Russian entity listings and sanctioned parties. Continue the contract. “

“Today’s actions will send a powerful message to entities and individuals around the world, and if they try to support Russia, the United States will cut them off,” the press release said. ..

The Department of Commerce has added a total of 36 entities from nine countries to the Entity List, effectively restricting the export or transfer of products or technologies by US companies.

The five Chinese companies added to the blacklist are Connec Electronic Ltd., King Pai Technology Co., Ltd., Sinno Electronics Co., Ltd., Winninc Electronic, and World Jetta (HK) Logistics Limited. Three of them have offices in other countries such as Russia, Vietnam, Lithuania and the United Kingdom, but the Commerce Department calls them “substantial / major businesses in China”. increase.

Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry, expressed Beijing’s “firm opposition” to sanctions at a press conference on June 29.

Relations between China and Russia

The move has been a move by Western officials against the fast-growing alliance between Beijing and Moscow since Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin first announced an “unlimited” partnership on February 4. It happened in the midst of growing concerns.

xi Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping are posing for a photo during a meeting in Beijing on February 4, 2022. (Alexei Dordinin / Sputnik / AFP via Getty Images)

Beijing has repeatedly refused to condemn the attack on Moscow, despite increasing calls from the United States and its allies since the invasion of Ukraine.

Western officials warned that Beijing had indicated its intention to provide Moscow with financial and military assistance for its war effort. This will allow President Joe Biden to warn Xi about unspecified “results” during a video call in March if the Chinese government supports Russian troops.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters Tuesday that Washington’s priority with Beijing on the Ukrainian war is to ensure that the regime does not provide military assistance to Russia through the provision of equipment. Said that.

“Second, they are not engaged in the massive or systematic weakening or avoidance of US sanctions,” he says. Said On the way to the NATO summit in Madrid.

“So far, China hasn’t acted in a way that contradicts these two principles, and it’s certainly not on a large scale in terms of economic relations,” Sullivan said.

The announcement on Tuesday is the first time the Biden administration has blacklisted Chinese companies to support Russia’s war effort since the February invasion.

The Commerce Department has also called for two Chinese entities on the entity list since 2018, saying it has “supported and continued to support” Russian troops since the invasion of Ukraine. Both companies are China Electronics Technology Group Corporation 13th Research Institute (CETC 13) and its subordinate organization, Microelectronic Technology of China. Both are part of the state-owned defense conglomerate CETC.

Commercial authorities did not provide details on what these Chinese companies did. The move could “essentially shut down” Chinese companies if Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo violates US sanctions against Russia by supplying Moscow with chips and other supplies in March. After warning that there is.

The Chinese government has refused to participate in international sanctions against Russia due to the invasion of Ukraine. Global financial action against Russia is invalid and therefore consistently takes the position of providing Russia with an important economic lifeline in the Chinese market.

Currently, Beijing continues to scrutinize the story of war on social media in mainland China, refusing to call it “war” or “aggression”, and Moscow saying it is a “special military operation”. Overturns the position of.

Washington has vowed to closely monitor compliance and enforce strict regulations.

“If we violate US law, we will act freely wherever the parties are,” said Assistant Secretary of Commerce Thea Rosman Kendler of the Export Control Agency.

Andrew Thornebrooke and Reuters contributed to the report.

Dorothy Lee


Dorothy Lee is a reporter for the Epoch Times, based in Europe.