U.S.-born Chinese figure skater collapses after falling again in Beijing in 2022

A tearful American-born Chinese figure skater caused a fierce backlash on Chinese social media during the two consecutive days of performance at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

After defeating her twice in the women’s singles free skating at the team event on February 7, and finishing at the end, the 19-year-old shed tears before finishing her routine.

“I couldn’t control it and I was crying,” Zhu told the Chinese state media. The young athlete worked hard to the end, but couldn’t help but hide his face in his hands.

This followed her last place performance the day before knocking China from 3rd to 5th at the Beijing tournament team event. Zhu fell during the jump, crashed into the wall, then broke her triple loop, scoring 47.03, well below the front runner’s 90.18 score.

Zhu said on February 6 that he was eager to show his abilities to the country. “But unfortunately I didn’t,” said the player in a quivering voice.

“And what people said online really affected me,” Zhu said after another unfortunate routine on Monday.

Her multiple falls caused an immediate backlash on Weibo, like Twitter in China, as netizens called her performance “embarrassing” and questioned her choice for the Olympic team.

“How do you skate for China?” Web users commented and won thousands of votes. “I want to cry,” another person wrote. The hashtag #ZhuYiHasFallen recorded over 200 million views on Weibo before being removed by a Chinese censor.

This week, the public continued to cry and ridicule Zhu on her constant flop, so China scrutinized hashtags such as #ZhuYiHasFallenAgain, and then sympathized with supportive posts by state-sponsored accounts. The call has become more common.

Naturalized athlete

Observers said the Chinese people did not fully show the spirit of the Olympics, especially with respect to naturalized athletes.

Born and raised in a Chinese immigrant family in California, Zhu Yi changed his name to Zhu Yi, abandoned his U.S. nationality in 2018 and competed with China, paving the way for his Olympic debut at Team China in 2022. rice field.

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to go … I skated for China and became another big name in China,” China’s national broadcaster CCTV, then 16 years old, said in an exclusive interview. Told.

Epoch Times Photo
Team China’s Zhu Yi (C Front) will respond to the score at the Women’s Singles Free Skating Team Event on the third day of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics at the Beijing Capital Gymnasium on February 7, 2022. (CatherineIvill / Getty Images).

However, such honesty could not please the Chinese netizens during the 2022 game, some of which now claim that Zhu stole the team’s place and benefited from her family ties. doing. Her father, Song-Chun Zhu, an award-winning scientist specializing in artificial intelligence, returned to China in 2020 and taught at Tsinghua University and Beijing University.

Others expressed anger at not being able to speak Mandarin fluently.

“If she [Zhu] Chinese commentator Qin Peng said in a program with NTD, an affiliate of The Epoch Times, on February 7.

He blamed Beijing for the lack of the Olympic spirit by seeing the Olympics as a “gold medal project” and preaching that the gold medal winners are the pride of the country.

This is because Chinese users promoted another US-born Chinese female athlete, Eileen Gu, the world’s top freestyle skier known as GuAiling in China. In contrast, the 18-year-old won the Chinese gold medal at the women’s massive air freestyle skiing event on February 8.

Epoch Times Photo
Zhu Yi of China will participate in the women’s singles short program of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics figure skating team event held at the Beijing Capital Gymnasium on February 6, 2022. (MananVatsyayana / AFP via Getty Images)

Sean Lin, another guest speaker on the NTD program, said Zhu was a victim of Communist propaganda. He said several state media were boosting nationalism, arguing that naturalized athletes should bring honor to their homeland and shape the image of China’s rise.

“Their psychological gaps are too big for netizens,” Lin said.

Zhu will participate in a private skating event on February 15th.

China advanced to the final with Russia, the United States, Japan and Canada.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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