U.S. broadcaster calls on European court to stop Russia’s fines

Moscow (AP) — US-funded Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty urges European Human Rights Courts to prevent Russia from enforcing penalties that could cost broadcasters millions of dollars I will.

Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor revealed to broadcasters designated as foreign agents last year that content was created by “performing foreign agent functions” outlets in news reports, social media posts and audiovisual materials. Ordered to add a long statement to do.

The law, which applies to foreign-funded non-governmental political organizations and the media, has been widely criticized for its purpose of damaging the credibility of critical press and dissenting opinions. The term “foreign agent” has a strong derogatory meaning in Russia.

Since October, Roskomnadzor has filed 390 proceedings against RFE / RL and will announce more on Friday. According to broadcasters, the total fine can be worth $ 2.4 million.

RFE / RL calls on the Human Rights Court to order Russia to refrain from fines until it can make a complete ruling on Roskomnadzor’s move, which broadcasters claim to be in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights. Said that.

“We hope that the European Court of Human Rights will see these actions by the Kremlin as an attempt to suppress freedom of speech and the human rights of the Russian people,” said RFE / RL President Jamie Fly. .. Thursday’s statement.

Russia has recently stepped up actions that appear to be aimed at suppressing dissent. Criminal accusations were filed this week against four editors of an online student magazine that posted a video related to a national protest seeking the release of imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

The court fined Twitter 8.9 million rubles last week for not deleting posts that asked minors to participate in unauthorized protests.

A statement by Roskomnadzor ordering RFE / RL to be included in the material states: Foreign agent features.

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