U.S. closes Kiev embassy after Ukrainian leaders warn of imminent aggression

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Monday that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had indicated that his country would be invaded on Wednesday, and the United States closed the Kiev embassy prior to a possible Russian attack. Said.

“We are in the process of temporarily relocating the Ukrainian embassy business from the Kiev embassy to Lviv as the Russian military builds up dramatically,” Brinken said in a statement. He said he maintained a relationship with. Government and Russian authorities “exacerbate this crisis.”

Lviv is about 50 miles from the western border of Ukraine with NATO and Poland, a member of the European Union.

“These prudent precautions do not undermine our support and commitment to Ukraine. Our commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity is unwavering,” Blinken added. Said that “Road” is available.

Zelensky at the beginning of Monday Said in a speech His office was informed that February 16th would be “the day of the attack” by Russian troops. “We make it Union Day. The decree has already been signed. This afternoon we will raise the flag, put on a blue-yellow ribbon and show our unity to the world,” he said. Said.

Zelensky did not provide any concrete evidence to support his claim. He also did not appoint a source of his information.

Over the weekend, Biden administration officials claimed that Russia plans to invade Ukraine in the near future, and perhaps before the end of the Winter Olympics on February 20th. No details or evidence were provided.

Russian officials told state media that the allegations that Moscow plans to invade in the near future are unfounded and simply designed to escalate tensions. Russia has been accused of having about 100,000 troops stationed near the Ukrainian border, including Belarus.

“We are also continuing our earnest efforts to reach a diplomatic solution and maintain relations with the Kremlin even after President Biden met with President Putin and talked with Foreign Minister Viklov.” Blinken continued on Monday.

Secretary of State also became a Ukrainian citizen register We worked with the State Department and urged them to pay attention to new developments. Earlier, the State Department called on Americans to flee Ukraine.

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US Secretary of State Antony Blinken (left) and President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky (right) in February 2022 submit photos. (Darian Trainer / Getty Images; Chris McGrath / Getty Images)

Maria Zakharova, a top spokesman for Russia’s Foreign Ministry, blamed recent claims by the United States and Britain on Monday for illegal publicity aimed at causing war in the region.

“What we are seeing now is the purest form of war propaganda,” Zakarowa wrote on social media. according to To the media funded by the state.

“The United States and the United Kingdom have pulled tools that they have stored for half a century out of their stash, and now they swing it like a club, supporting hysteria managed through CNN, Bloomberg, and the British Tabroid. It has influenced the public opinion of their country, “continued the spokesman.

In negotiations between Western countries and Russia, Moscow demanded that NATO refuse to participate in Ukraine, but the White House and NATO said it was a non-starter.

“We are developing dialogues with Western, mostly American colleagues, on some aspects that are really important today. At the same time, we are responding to the legitimate questions we have raised. I ask for an answer. “Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Viklov Said TASS on Monday.

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