U.S. closes once secret Guantanamo prison unit and moves prisoners

Washington (AP) — A once secret unit in the devastated Guantanamo Bay camp was closed and prisoners moved to another facility at a US base in Cuba, US troops said Sunday.

Prisoners at Camp 7 were transferred to a facility adjacent to the base’s other detainees’ detention site as part of the U.S. Southern Command’s efforts to “improve operational efficiency and effectiveness” in a statement. ..

Miami-based Southern Command, which oversees a detention center on the southeastern tip of Cuba, did not say how many prisoners were moved. Officials previously said that about 14 men were detained at Camp 7. There are 40 prisoners in Guantanamo.

Southern Command said prisoners in camp 7 had been “safely and safely” transferred to camp 5, but did not say when the transfer took place.

Camp 7 was opened in December 2006 for prisoners who were previously held in a network of secret CIA detention facilities called “black sites,” where they underwent brutal cross-examination techniques. The military carried it out in agreement with the CIA, and Southern Command said intelligence agencies were involved in the transfer.

The military has long refused to even allow the location of Camp 7 at the base, never allowing journalists to look inside the facility. Authorities said units that had never been permanently designed had structural problems and needed to be replaced, but the Pentagon has cut off plans to look for funding for construction.

Among the prisoners held at Camp 7, there were five prisoners charged with war crimes for allegedly planning and logistical support for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

President Joe Biden he said Guantanamo will be closed, But it will require Congressional approval to transfer some prisoners to the United States for trial or imprisonment.

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