U.S. Coast Guard sends 27 Cubans found in the sea back to a communist island

The US Coast Guard has announced that it has repatriated 27 Cuban migrants found at sea to a Communist-controlled home after intercepting two groups off the coast of Florida.

Wednesday’s announcement was caused by Cuban anxiety caused by a large national protest that began on July 11 when thousands of citizens went out to the streets for the end of the communist regime in search of freedom. It is done in.

According to the Coast Guard, a group intercepted a group of Cuban migrants on the afternoon of July 23, after a person reported the ship to a Coast Guard Sector Key West guard. release.. A 21-foot ship, seven miles south of Key West, was found to have 22 people on board.

The Coast Guard Cutter William Trump crew took them to the ship. Twenty-two migrants were later transferred to the Coast Guard’s Cutter Charles Sexton.

A second group of Cuban migrants was intercepted on the afternoon of July 24th. A makeshift squid was reported to Sector Key West guards by the Coast Guard Islamorada.

The raft was about 15 miles off the coast of Islamorada and carried five people. The Islamorada Coast Guard crew picked up the five and transferred them to Charles Sexton.

All Cuban immigrants were reported to be healthy. Before they were sent back to Cuba, all migrants received food, water, shelter, and basic medical procedures, guards said.

The two recent deterrents are believed to be the first wave of migrants trying to flee Cuba at sea since the July 11 protest. This is the largest in Cuba in decades. The Cuban administration responded to protests with mass arrests and dispatched communist militants and paramilitaries to monitor dissidents in cities and towns across the country.

In a statement, Coast Guard Commander Key West said in a statement that all seafarers were “required to report the possibility of migrant voyages to prevent loss of life at sea.” “It is dangerous to go out into the sea on a dangerous ship and you will lose your life.”

The Biden administration has previously warned Cuban and Haiti immigrants to sail to the United States.

Alejandro Mallorcas, Secretary of Homeland Security from Cuba, said on July 13: For those who endanger their lives in doing so, this danger is not worth taking. Let me be clear, if you take me to the sea, you won’t come to the United States. “

The Coast Guard is continuously monitoring vessels approaching the Florida Straits of the Caribbean, he added, adding that the Guard is also monitoring “unauthorized vessel departures from Florida to Cuba.” ..

Security guard Made a statement earlier On July 16th, he warned US residents to sail to Cuba without permission.

In the most recent fiscal year, guards have intercepted 554 migrants from Cuba since October 1, 2020. This is an increase from 49 in fiscal year 2020.

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