U.S. Congressional Commission wants GoFundMe to testify about the Tracker Convoy Fund

The House of Commons Commission wants to hear from fundraiser GoFundMe about the millions of dollars the organizers of Freedom Convoy have raised so far as trucks continue to block the streets in downtown Ottawa. increase.

On February 3, the Public Security and Commissar of State Security responded to a motion by the NDP MP Alistair McGregor to have GoFundMe testify “as soon as possible” to find out the sources of funding and what safeguards are being implemented. I voted unanimously. Make sure that money is not used to “promote extremism”.

The GoFundMe campaign, which has raised more than $ 10 million so far, was suspended by the platform on February 2nd to comply with the Terms of Service and applicable laws and regulations.

GoFundMe is under pressure, especially from Mayor of Ottawa Jim Watson, to cut back on funding for organizers who want to spend some of their money to cover the costs of cracking down on opposition movements.

At a press conference, organizer lawyer Keith Wilson said, “GoFundMe has stepped up due diligence as it was attacked by organized social media and other campaigns and attempted to shut down or remove it. We welcome this. ” February 3rd.

According to Wilson, clients are taking all necessary steps to meet GoFundMe’s requirements.

Organizer’s GoFundMe page To tell The funds will be used to assist truck drivers in fuel, food and shelter protests, “all remaining donations will be donated to a trusted veteran organization chosen by the donor.”

Near the protests on January 29, many politicians and many politicians and at least two people have been disseminated on social media with photos of the Nazi flag and at least two people holding the Navy flag. The press is trying to portray the entire movement as a racist. prejudice.

“As a woman, mother, and grandmother with a Metis heritage, I’m offended,” said Chief Organizer Tamara Rich on February 3.

“In reality, the members of this free movement are citizens who love and comply with the law, average peace in all areas, tired of being despised and bullied by our government.”

The Epoch Times contacted GoFundMe to ask if they would testify in front of the House Committee, but did not receive a response prior to the release.

The convoy organizers said on February 3 that they were determined to stay until the pandemic restrictions were lifted. They also said they were not in direct contact with any government, federal, state or local government.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau criticized the protesters and was unwilling to negotiate, but said military involvement was “not on the card so far.”

Canadian Press contributed to this report.

Noe Chartier


NoƩ Charter is a Montreal-based Epoch Times reporter.