U.S. Congressman HSS fights subpoena in Georgia election campaign


Atlanta (AP) —Georgian Republican Jody Hice is in front of a special grand jury investigating whether former President Donald Trump and others have attempted to illegally interfere with the state’s 2020 elections. , Fighting a subpoena asking him to testify.

The subpoena received by Heiss on June 29 ordered him to appear before a special grand jury in Atlanta on Tuesday, his lawyer said in a court filing. Hice petitioned a federal court in Atlanta on Monday to revoke his subpoena.

All the arguments Heiss made when investigating “suspicion of fraud” in the elections were within his authority as a member of the House and protected by the U.S. Constitution from legal proceedings and investigations, his lawyer said. I am writing in the submitted documents. High-ranking lawmakers and other officials should not be called witnesses unless the information they can provide is available from another source, Filing said.

Hice is trying to hear his objection to the subpoena in federal court, not in front of a judge in the Fulton County Superior Court, which oversees the special grand jury.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis The investigation has started Earlier last year, whether Trump and his allies committed a crime when trying to overturn his narrow election defeat in the state. A Special grand jury With the power of the subpoena I was seated in May At her request.

Many Republican leaders, including Secretary of State Brad Rafensperger and Attorney General Chris Carr, have already testified before a special grand jury. Governor Brian Kemp will issue a statement sworn on July 25.

Heiss, who resigns in January after failing to bid to leave Lafence Purger, is one of the Republicans at the White House in December 2020, with Trump’s ally Joe Biden. We discussed various ways to overturn the election victory. Heiss joined other members of the Conservative Freedom Caucus at a multi-hour meeting to discuss two specific strategies for overturning election results with White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows at the time. rice field.

The first was an effort to appoint an alternative slate for voters who mistakenly declare Trump the winner in the seven fierce battle states that Biden won. Second, when then Vice President Mike Pence presided over the ceremony’s certification process on January 6, 2021, he stepped up pressure campaigns to ignore true voter votes from these seven states. It was a plan.

Cassidy Hutchinson, Former Aide to Meadows, Revealed details of the White House meeting To the House Committee under investigation January 6 riots At the US Capitol.

Willis earlier this month Started the process Summon out-of-state witnesses to testify. It included Trump’s close advisers and allies. Includes South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani He also served as Trump’s lawyer.

Graham will hold a hearing in a federal court in South Carolina later this week Try to fight Willis tried to get him to testify.

Democrat Willis has accused him of being interested in the actions of a group of 16 Georgia Republicans acting as alternatives to voters. vote.


Washington Associated Press author Farnoush Amiri contributed to this report.