U.S. crashes military plane in Iran, kills three people, reports on state television

Dubai — A U.S.-made F5 jet used by Iranian troops crashes into a school wall in a city in northwestern Tabriz on Monday, killing two pilots and one on the ground, Iranian state television said on Monday. I reported.

According to Army spokesman Shahin Taqi-Khani, the school was closed during the crash just before 9 am (Greenwich Mean Time 0530).

He said a technical failure seemed to be the cause of the crash, but investigations are underway.

He said pilots and trainee pilots were killed and civilians drove past.

The television showed the firefighters extinguishing the flames.

According to experts, Iran’s aviation safety records are poor and clashes are repeated, many of which relate to US-made aircraft purchased before the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

The U.S., which broke diplomatic relations in 1980 after an Iranian student took a U.S. diplomat hostage, imposed sanctions on Iran, making it difficult for Tehran to purchase spare parts for military and civilian aircraft. Did.



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