U.S. embargo held accountable says

Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (DN.Y.) reiterated the feelings of Black Lives Matter on Thursday when he accused the suffering of Cuban “everyday people” in the US 60-year-old ban.

“We see Cubans standing up and protesting their rights like never before. We are in solidarity with them and condemn the anti-democratic actions led by President Diaz Cannell. The self-proclaimed democratic socialist statement..

“Last month, the United Nations overwhelmingly voted to ask the United States to lift the embargo on Cuba. The embargo is ridiculously cruel and many other US policies targeting Latin Americans. Similarly, cruelty is the point. I completely refuse to defend the Byden administration’s embargo. It is never acceptable to use cruelty as a point of leverage for everyday people. “

Earlier this week, Black Lives Matter blamed the U.S. government’s “cruel and inhumane” economic sanctions on current unrest in Cuba and “solidarity” with the Communist Party by giving asylum to “black revolutionaries.” Praised.

Marxist organizations have faced strong criticism since their posting. statement On July 14, demonstrators called for the end of freedom and communist regimes in response to protests in several Cuba cities.

Meanwhile, Cuban-American senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), whose family fled communist Cuba, immediately blew up the BLM for their comments.

“The circle of robbers, known as the Black Lives Matter organization, has shaken companies today for millions of dollars and took a break from buying a mansion to share support for # Cuba’s communist regime. I took it. ” Post to social media In response to a statement from Black Lives Matter.

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Cuban asylum seekers will meet on July 12, 2021 at the Versailles Restaurant in Miami’s Little Havana district to assist protesters in Cuba, Miami. (Malta Lavandie / AP photo)

On July 14, Rubio said in a speech to the Senate that the Biden administration should not ease sanctions on Cuba, but stand with the Cubans in the fight against communism.

“They are literally shooting unarmed people … and we have to be clear, we have to be clear in our language. We blame this tyranny. Not only do, but blame this communist, this Marxist, and socialist tyranny. ” Rubio said. “Second, we need to be clear. Nothing has changed and the sanctions will not change as a result.”

Rubio further said that the Biden administration should postpone the resources that allow Cuba to access the Internet so that they can communicate with the outside world and with each other. He also wondered why the international community has not spoken more about blaming the Communist regime in Cuba.

President Joe Biden Said In a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, “Communism is a failed system, a universally failed system, and I do not see socialism as a very useful alternative. But that’s another story. “

“There are many things we consider doing to help the Cuban people, but it requires another situation or a guarantee that they will not be utilized. [Cuban regime]”Biden said. “For example, the ability to send remittances back to the cube. I don’t do that now because of the fact that the administration is very likely to confiscate those remittances or their large chunks.”

Since last weekend, thousands of Cubans have publicly shown their opposition to the authoritarian regime and called on leader Diaz Cannell to resign. Some demonstrators, and Cubans in the United States, called for intervention in the Byden administration in the mass arrest of demonstrators by the administration.

Lorenz Duchamps contributed to this report.

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