U.S. Embassy in Kabul urges Americans to leave Afghanistan soon


The US embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, urged all Americans to leave the country, saying “you shouldn’t rely on US government flights” as the fighting intensifies.

“The US Embassy is urging US citizens to leave Afghanistan immediately with available commercial flight options. Given the security situation and headcount reductions, the embassy that supports US citizens in Afghanistan. Ability is very limited even within Kabul. ” The embassy said on its website On the weekend.

The alert included a link to the Department of State’s Smart Traveler Registration Program, which issues notifications about evacuation flights.

“But the embassy should leave Afghanistan as soon as possible using commercial transportation available to U.S. citizens and reiterates not planning to rely on U.S. government flights,” the warning said. rice field.

It comes when a Taliban terrorist group hijacks a large area of ​​the country on Sunday, including the northern city of Kunduz. Reportedly.. Kunduz is the third of the four state capitals recently occupied by the group.

“We have the ability to take over the city, but we were waiting for them, and our policy is for peace and reconciliation, but of course they [the government] Suhail Shaheen, an international media spokesman for the Taliban, told Al. Jazirah.

Explosion in Kabul
Soldiers of the Afghan Armed Forces (ANA) continue to monitor the location of the car bomb explosion yesterday night in Kabul, Afghanistan, on August 4, 2021. (Stringer / Reuters)

Terrorist groups also took control of Salepol, the capital of northern Afghanistan, on Sunday, showing that government troops were defeated again after the withdrawal of US troops earlier this year after nearly 20 years of war.

The Taliban hijacked the government building of the northern capital, Sar-e Pol, and forced officials from major cities to nearby military bases, Sar-e Pol state council member Mohammad Noor Ramani told Reuters. ..

On Friday, militants occupied the capital of Zaranj for the first time in years at the border with Iran in Nimruz, southern Afghanistan.

“A fierce clash began yesterday afternoon. All government headquarters control the Taliban, and only military bases and airports are with ANDSF. [Afghan security forces] “Because they are resisting the Taliban,” Amrudin Wari, a member of the Kunduz Legislature, told Al Jazeera about the existence of the Taliban in Kunduz.

There were also unconfirmed reports that US B-52 bombers and gunships were deployed to attack several targets in Sheberghan on Saturday.

The Epoch Times is seeking comment from the Department of State and the Department of Defense.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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Jack phillips

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