U.S. Embassy warns of “abnormal Russian military activity” near the Ukraine border


The US Embassy in Ukraine has issued a warning about “abnormal Russian military activity” near the border and the Crimean Peninsula.

on Wednesday, The embassy said US citizens do not travel to Crimea on the grounds of “abuse by Russian occupying authorities in the eastern parts of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts due to armed conflict” in “reporting” of Russia’s anomalous military activity near the border.

“US citizens should remember that security conditions along the border can change with little or no notice,” the statement said. “Check our website and social media pages for additional information.”

There was concern that Russia might be planning to invade another part of Ukraine, as it did when it invaded the Crimean Peninsula in 2014.

Brig. General Kirilo Budanov, head of the Ukrainian Defense Intelligence Agency, said about a week ago that Russia had about 92,000 troops near the border. Military Times.. If Russia attempts an attack, Mr Budanov said he believes that there is a psychological operation first designed to destabilize the legitimacy of the Ukrainian government.

“They (Russians) want to foster anxiety through protests and meetings showing that people are against the government,” he told the Military Times.

On Wednesday, Ukrainian Lieutenant Valerie Zargini’s adviser, Dmitry Jaros, told social media that protesters against the COVID-19 vaccine obligation could be a false flag operation by Moscow. I wrote that there is.

“Friends, I do not deny that among these people, among those who were paid and sent to the capital, there was an overwhelming minority of anti-Baxers, but the main purpose of this action. “Russian army,” he said without elaboration.

In recent weeks, Secretary of State Antony Blinken has been increasingly wary of Moscow’s activities near the Ukrainian border.

“We don’t know what the president is [Vladimir] Putin’s intention is, but I know what happened in the past. ” “We know the guide to quoting fantastic provocations from Ukraine and other countries and using them as an excuse to carry out what Russia is planning.”

However, Russian officials disputed the idea that Moscow was planning an invasion. According to the Kremlin, Russian troops built along the border provided regular exercises and necessary training.

Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, said on Monday that “we can see that a targeted information campaign is underway.” “This is increasing tension.”

Peskov said on Tuesday that Moscow would not attack Ukraine unless Russia was provoked.

Russia remains deeply concerned about “provocative actions of the Ukrainian army on the line of contact” and “preparation for a possible military solution to the Donbas problem,” he told reporters.

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Jack Phillips is the latest news reporter for The Epoch Times, based in New York.