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Biden sets new shoot goal: 4,000 dead in Brazil: virus update

(Bloomberg)-US President Joe Biden said he would like to qualify all American adults for the coronavirus vaccine by April 19, two weeks earlier than the previous goal. California aims to fully reopen its economy on June 15. In the European Union, most member states have sufficient supplies to vaccinate the majority of people by the end of June, earlier than Block’s official target. Bloomberg. The forecast provides some hope that the EU vaccination campaign will improve after a poor start. Antibodies to the Covid-19 virus last for at least 6 months after the patient receives a second dose of Moderna Inc.’s vaccine. Lab results are from 33 healthy adults in a phase I trial of a pharmaceutical company. Main development: Global tracker: The number of cases exceeds 132.1 million. Vaccine Tracker with More than 2.8 Million Deaths: 4 Million Vaccine Days with Over 648 Million Injections Worldwide Shows Rapid US Recovery Bloomberg Prognosis Team Click here for daily updates on viruses from. Click CVID in the terminal for global data on cases and deaths. Brazil records 4,000 daily deaths (5:05 pm NY) The Ministry of Health recorded 4,195 deaths on Tuesday, bringing the total to 336,947 since the virus first arrived. .. This is the second highest aggregate in the world and second only to the United States. “If Brazil maintains its current pace, it will probably reach 5,000 deaths per day in April,” said Fiocruz researcher Christovam Barcellos. 51:00 pm New York) President Joe Biden said he would like to qualify all American adults for the coronavirus vaccine by April 19, two weeks earlier than the previous goal. All but two states. The state has already been set to reach that goal, and only Oregon and Hawaii released the vaccine to all non-minors on May 1. Biden said there would be no more confusing restrictions. But the president added that the fight against the virus wasn’t over because it wasn’t time to celebrate and new variants were still spreading rapidly. “The pandemic is still dangerous,” Biden said. Brown University and Northeastern University will join a group of US universities on Tuesday, and students will need to be vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine to return to campus in the fall. Both schools allow religious and medical exemptions. Other schools have similar vaccination requirements. Rutgers announced in March that students planning to attend the fall semester would need to be fully vaccinated, but Cornell said he would require students to be vaccinated on Friday. As the federal government continues to restrict voyages over the Covid-19 pandemic, operators are threatening to move some of their operations away from US ports. Vaccination of Astra’s Pediatric Study Suspended (3 pm NY) Pediatric Vaccination in Covid’s Study-The 19 shots developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford show adult blood clots by British drug regulators. Was suspended while investigating a rare case of. Vaccine researchers are waiting for the results of a review by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, a UK drug. “Before further vaccination,” Watchdog said in an email statement. California plans to resume June 15 (2:30 pm, NY) California officials will fully resume the economy on June 15, after shutting down if the pandemic subsides. He said it was planned. Coronavirus cases occur in the most populous states of the United States. The capacities for restaurants, cinemas and other businesses will be lifted, Health and Welfare Secretary Mark Garry said in a meeting with reporters on Tuesday. California’s current layer-based system after the winter virus surge has spurred a new blockade. Outbreaks in the state have improved dramatically, with the average number of cases in January dropping from more than 40,000 to about 2,000. Its test positive rate is 1.6%, the lowest in USA antibodies in the last 6 months (2 pm NY) after Moderna Shots. Antibodies to the Covid-19 virus last for at least 6 months after the patient receives a second dose of Moderna Inc. Vaccines, according to a new analysis of experimental results from 33 healthy adults in a phase I trial of a pharmaceutical company. Discovered by researchers at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Emory University, Moderna and others, the New England Journal of Medicine. Researchers had previously published three-month follow-up results for a phase I trial in the same journal. “Our data show antibody persistence and support the use of this vaccine in the treatment of the Covid-19 pandemic,” the researchers write. Nonetheless, Moderna’s Phase 1 trial focused on lab testing of blood samples from a small number of people, so this study did not directly measure how long the vaccine’s efficacy actually lasted. Moderna’s share has risen by 6.4% Whitehouse excludes vaccine passports (2 pm New York) The U.S. government will not issue so-called vaccine passports, Whitehouse spokesman Jensaki said, but the Byden administration Is planning guidance for companies developing qualifications The government does not want vaccine passports that are “unfairly used against people” and “like FAQs” for the development of the private sector of qualifications She said in a briefing that she would provide “visible” guidance. Restrict the development and use of passports. Earlier on Tuesday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an order banning state agencies or publicly funded organizations from demanding them. Hard hit Hungary begins to relax restrictions (11:45 am NY) Hungary, the country most affected by the coronavirus pandemic in the world, after at least one vaccination of a quarter of its citizens , Prepared to relax the lockdown limit. After reaching the government-assigned threshold of 2.5 million people, shops and services can resume on Wednesday, Prime Minister Victor Oban said in a Facebook video. Get at least one vaccination. The prime minister claims that this level of vaccination already covers the most vulnerable parts of the population, but Hungary has the highest per capita deaths from Covid-19 in the world, so it is about 10 million. One doctor warns the government not to relax The restraint is too early. According to practitioners, it is especially important to be wary of more aggressive British variants that lead to a surge in hospitalizations and deaths for young Hungarians. The eastern state of Austria extends the blockade (10:58 am New York) In the eastern state of Austria around the capital Vienna, Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz has a week left until April 18 and the western and southern parts of the country are slightly He said the restrictions would be relaxed. In the east, that means schools stay in distance education, non-essential stores remain closed, and FFP2 masks are essential, including some very frequent outdoor spots. If vaccination goes according to plan, the country could gradually lift the restrictions in May, Kurtz said. Kenya Stops Private Sales of Russian Sputnik Vaccine (10:50 AM New York) Private vaccination with Sputnik V Shot from Russia is in Ontario, Kenya after the government has banned companies from shipping and administering the Covid-19 vaccine. Faces Pressure to Close Schools (10:40 AM, NY) Premier Doug Ford, Ontario, Is Increasing Pressure to Close Face-to-face Schools as a More Deadly Strain of Coronavirus Peel and Wellington- Public health authorities in the suburbs of Doug Ford-Gerff used their own authority on Monday to move to distance learning only. According to the local school board, the closure will continue until at least April 18. Governor of Texas Blocks Vaccine “Passport” (10:30 AM, New York) Texas Governor Greg Abbott Bans Texas Tribune, where state agencies create so-called vaccine passports or someone services The Texas Tribune reported that it forbids to require proof of Covid vaccination in order to receive it. Abbott said in the video. Republican Governor Ron DeSantis signed a similar order on Friday. The EMA states that the Astra review will be completed by Thursday (8:49 am New York). We will report on AstraZeneca vaccination and potential blood clots and will complete the review by Thursday. Authorities may show a potential link between the Astra vaccine and rare cases of blood clots. Citing the words of Marco Cavalieri, chair of the EMA vaccine evaluation team, Messagero reported, but he said the cases were still very rare and the risk-benefit ratio remained positive. It was. The EMA “indicates that there is a link, but it’s not yet clear how it works,” Cavalieri told the paper. Romanians Cancel AstraZeneca Shots (8:02 am NY) Approximately 207,000 Romanians have canceled their AstraZeneca Shot vaccination schedule Amid concerns about rare blood clots, government vaccines since March Valeriu Georgita, head of the Vaccination Task Force, said the concerns were understandable and needed more formal guidance from the European Medicines Agency. Romania has contracted enough with Pfizer and BioNTech alone to meet the goal of vaccination of 10 million people by September, he said. Spain reaches 70% vaccination by late August (7:40 am in New York) Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said in a television statement that 70% of the population will be vaccinated by the end of July in the first week of May. He said he would step up efforts to reach 25 million people by the week of July 19, with the goal of vaccination. Of the 9.69 million people supplied, 8.74 million doses were given under the vaccination program, according to Ministry of Health figures. Scottish Covid Passport Surgeon (7:30 am, New York) Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the country should not be “closed”. Vaccine passport ideas as part of the service launch after lockdown. She told a coronavirus briefing in Edinburgh that there was a need for a full public debate on this issue, especially on the “ethical and impartiality issue.” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is heading to battle with MPs over plans to introduce so-called Covid Status Certificates. 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