U.S. generals say most of the people evacuated from Afghanistan to Qatar are now in Europe, the United States

Doha — The United States has moved most of the more than 57,000 people evacuated from Afghanistan to Qatar from the Gulf countries. Some are currently in the United States, while others are being processed in Europe.

With the Taliban taking control last month, a large airlift of US-led US and other foreign citizens and vulnerable Afghans fled Kabul to about 124,000.

Many of them evacuated through military bases in the Middle East, including Al Udade in Doha, Qatar, including those without documents or with pending US visa applications.

Brigadier General Gerald Donoue told reporters that the base currently has less than 1,400 evacuees, many of whom will take off on Saturday, but small groups in need of medical care can travel. It remains until it becomes like.

It was not immediately clear how many people are currently in the United States or Europe. There were also an unspecified number of bases near Qatar.

At one point Al Udade had more than 17,500 evacuees, he added, and the evacuees had nine babies, according to Donoue.

Following scrambling to evacuate vulnerable Afghans, thousands of people, some with no documents or US visa applications pending, others with mixed immigration status, We are currently waiting at the “Transit Hub” in a third country.

Afghans must overcome immigration hurdles in order to eventually enter the United States.