U.S. Government Announces $ 266 Million Assistance to Afghanistan

On Friday, the U.S. government announced more than $ 266 million in new humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan, while being more generous to its allies to address the urgent humanitarian needs of conflict-affected countries. Asked to contribute.

“With this funding, our partners will be able to meet the needs generated by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with life-saving protection, shelter, livelihood opportunities, essential health care, emergency food aid, water, etc. We can provide hygiene and hygiene services, “said the Department of State. Mentioned in the release..

The State Department addresses the protection needs of the most vulnerable Afghans, including “women and girls facing certain risks, including gender-based violence, as a result of pandemics and decades of conflict.” He added that it would be useful for.

The announcement was made as the United States continued to reduce its military presence in Afghanistan in time for the September 11 full withdrawal deadline.

Former White House speech writer and Heritage Foundation foreign policy analyst Michael Johns called on the United States to maintain its active role as a mediator of peace in the region.

“The biggest threat to Afghanistan’s peace and stability is that the Taliban sees the withdrawal of US troops as an invitation to undermine power sharing and use military power in ways that violate previous promises. “Johns told the Epoch Times by email. statement. “If local power supports the Taliban, the threat will be significantly amplified.”

“The United States will be subject to sanctions for any effort by Russia, China, Iran, or any other force to undermine peace and stability in Afghanistan, as a huge hostile act against the United States. It must be emphasized, “he added. ..

In its announcement, the State Department demonstrated its continued involvement in non-military capabilities.

“Our lasting commitment is clear as the United States withdraws its troops from Afghanistan,” the State Department said. “We want to support a peaceful and stable future that the Afghan people should hope for and receive.” , Stay involved through full diplomatic, economic and support toolkits. “

At the same time, the State Department called on Afghan leaders and the Taliban to negotiate a political solution and a permanent ceasefire to end the more than 40 years of conflict that brought more than 4.8 million internally displaced persons.

“This year alone, more than 115,000 people have been displaced by conflicts within Afghanistan and nearly 500,000 have returned to Afghanistan in need of assistance,” the State Department said.

Hamid Balrami, a Glasgow-based writer and independent Middle East analyst in Scotland, has called on pressure on the countries that provide the Taliban with funding and weapons.

“Because the conflict in Afghanistan is rooted in the region, the solution is for countries such as Iran, Pakistan and Qatar to stop providing financial and weapons support to the Taliban and pursue their own interests through multilateral diplomacy. We also need to put pressure on it, “Bahrami told the Epoch Times. E-mail statement.

“The multifaceted use of the Taliban and Afghan governments as a means of exerting pressure on each other only increases regional war and terrorist exports,” he added.

With the newly announced aid from the State Department, the total amount of US humanitarian aid to Afghanistan since 2002 is approximately $ 3.9 billion.

Venus Upadhayaya contributed to this report.