U.S. judge ordered Mexican cartel to pay billions of dollars for killing


Bismarck, North Dakota (AP) — A federal judge in North Dakota has been accused of horrific killings of nine women and children from Mormon’s sectarian community. Mexican drug cartel pays family $ 1.5 billion Must be.

Victim’s family Proceedings Juarez Cartel Attack in Mexico in November 2019 In retaliation for their public criticism and protest against the cartel. Cartel members fired hundreds of ammunition into the vehicle and then fired them.Mexican authorities in 2020 Mastermind of the attack He was one of the 17 people arrested.

US Magistrate Judge Claire Hochalter’s award will automatically triple under the Federal Anti-Terrorism Act, increasing the amount to $ 4.6 billion. The government can freeze the assets of terrorist organizations, but it is unclear if the US Treasury holds cartel assets.

Bismarck Tribune reported The cartel did not respond to the published subpoena or attend a trial in North Dakota in March.

The surviving families include the widow of two murdered women who worked in North Dakota at the time the proceedings were filed. Their lawyers said various families lived in the state and worked in the oil industry, traveling back and forth between Mexico.

“We went to a US court in North Dakota and asked for awareness of the trauma given to the family and a measure of justice,” said David Langford, the husband of one of the victims.