U.S. judge throws allegations by Chinese-born professor over arrest

Philadelphia (AP) — Temple University professor’s lawyer appeals Friday to a federal court ruling that abandoned most of his legal claims against the U.S. government and an FBI agent accusing him of giving China a corporate secret. He said it was planned. Fee.

Nine of the ten counts in the proceedings by physics professor Xi Xiaoxing were dismissed on Thursday, and his lawyer said the final count on Xi surveillance would be treated in another decision.

Xi, a naturalized US citizen from China with expertise in thin-film superconducting technology, was accused of stealing sensitive technology related to his research in 2015. The fee was withdrawn when the investigators realized that the shared information was not a corporate secret.

The agent came down to his house in Penvalley, a suburb of Philadelphia, at dawn in May 2015 and handcuffed him, his wife and a young daughter. Xi and his family filed a proceeding in 2017, alleging that FBI agents deliberately made false statements on the matter.

He claimed that the FBI mistakenly accused him of espionage because he did not understand the science behind his superconducting research.

The message asking for comment was left to the Justice Department lawyer handling the case.

Judge Berkeley Salic of the US District Court said Xi’s allegations included decisions and decisions regarding investigation and prosecution, which are at the discretion of the court, and his constitutional rights were not violated.

“It’s a shame what happened to Xi and his family,” Surrick wrote. “Nevertheless, it is the court’s duty to apply existing laws to the facts.”