U.S.-led coalition captures Syria’s senior ISIS leader

Allied forces led by the United States announced on Thursday that early morning operations in Syria led to the capture of a man allegedly the leader of a senior ISIS terrorist group.

“The detained individuals were evaluated as experienced bomb makers and facilitators who became one of the group’s top leaders in Syria,” said the Union’s Inherent Resolving Operation. .. statement..

“The mission was planned with great care to minimize the risk of collateral damage, especially potential harm to civilians. During the operation, civilians were harmed or coalition aircraft. And did not damage any property. “

“This operation in northeastern Syria demonstrates our commitment to security in the region and the permanent defeat of ISIS,” said Army General Eric Krilla of the United States Central Command. statement Obtained by The Wall Street Journal.

The Union statement did not appoint a captive ISIS leader, but the Wall Street Journal named him Haniahumed Arkledi.

Reuters is a Turkish-backed spokesperson Syrian Army (SNA), Major Youssef Hamoud said US-led Allied forces had launched a helicopter assault in the village of Al-Humaira, just south of the Turkish border.

Hamoud reportedly said it was the first operation of its kind under the control of SNA and in the areas involved. we.-I made a Chinook and Blackhawk helicopter.

The operation will be carried out one after another by a US-led coalition announced by President Joe Biden in February. The operation in northwestern Syria led to the death of Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi Alkreishi, the leader of ISIS since 2019.

Al-Qurayshi’s predecessor, Abu Bakral-Baghdadi, died during a US raid in the same area in 2019.

The remnants of ISIS continue to operate in Syria and Iraq after most defeats in 2019.

“The coalition will continue to hunt the remnants of Daesh wherever they are hiding to ensure a lasting defeat,” the coalition said.

85 simultaneous Partner countryWas founded in September 2014 with the mission of degrading and defeating ISIS in Syria and Iraq, its website states.

Caden Pearson


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