U.S. Marine Corps resigns asking military leaders to be accountable for withdrawal from Afghanistan


The U.S. Marine Corps has dismissed command after criticizing senior military leadership for handling the U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan and announced that he will resign on Sunday.

“I’m not currently holding legal action and could stay in the Marines for another three years, but I don’t think that’s the way I’m going. Lieutenant Stuart Scheller said he In the latest video shared on his personal Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, he said: “I’m retired, I’m disqualified from all, I don’t want $ 1. . “

Scheller defended the first video released on August 26, criticizing Afghanistan’s withdrawal and calling for “accountability of my senior leaders” for “apparent mistakes.”

“We’re not saying we can get back what was done. What I asked for was accountability, and people commented on what I said,” Yes, there are mistakes. I did. ” And if they were, I would have returned to the ranks and files, submitted and achieved what I wanted, “Sheller said.

Scheller admitted that he had abandoned pension funds and benefits, but said chasing “stability and money” would make people “slave of the system” and compromise their principles.

“I don’t need a dollar. To wear a blue-collar worker, I need everyone who is willing to go out of the wire every day, go to work every day and feed their family,” he said. rice field. “They are the people I need. Follow me, and we bring the whole [expletive] system down. “

The Epoch Times asked the Marines for comment.

Scheller’s first video was posted on the same day that an attack outside Kabul’s international airport killed 13 US troops and more than 100 Afghans.

Terrorist group ISIS-K, an ISIS member, claimed responsibility for the attack on August 26, but said former Vice President Afghanistan, former Vice President Amrula Saleha, believed that the Taliban were involved in the bombing. rice field.

“The 13 soldiers we lost were heroes who served our best American ideals and made the ultimate sacrifice while saving the lives of others,” said US President Joe Biden. I said in a later Saturday statement. “Their courage and selflessness have made it possible for more than 117,000 people at risk to reach safety. These are all those who God stands with our army. Please protect us in this dangerous time. “

Isabelle van Brugen

Isabelle van Brugen


Isabel van Brugen is an award-winning journalist and currently a news reporter for The Epoch Times. She holds a master’s degree in newspaper journalism from City, University of London.