U.S. military controls Kabul Airport, aiming to evacuate 5,000 civilians a day


Leaving Kabul, dominated by the Taliban

Leaving Kabul, dominated by the Taliban Shakib Rahmani / AFP / Getty Images

U.S. Army Take control Pentagon said late Sunday that thousands of Americans, foreigners and Afghans struggled to leave the country to increase air traffic and secure airport boundaries at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul. rice field. Effectively under the control of the Taliban..President Biden Ordered about 6,000 U.S. forces According to a joint statement, all US military delegations will arrive within 48 hours to secure the airport and assist in evacuation.

“Tomorrow and for the next few days, we will deport thousands of American citizens living in Afghanistan, locally hired staff in Kabul and its families on US missions, and other particularly vulnerable Afghan citizens. To do. “” Pentagon and State Department said.. All US embassy staff have been transferred to the airport on Sunday, and US officials say they are working to support the United States and accelerate the evacuation of Afghan people who qualify for special immigrant visas.

“The Pentagon intends to have enough aircraft to fly as many as 5,000 civilians a day, both Americans and Afghan translators, and others who worked with the United States during the war.” Associated Press Report.. “But tens of thousands of Afghans who have worked with the United States and other NATO forces are trying to flee with their families, and it is never clear how long Kabul’s deteriorating security can continue to evacuate. It wasn’t. “

About 88,000 Afghans are subject to SIVs who may need to be evacuated, and only about 2,000 have arrived in the United States in the last two weeks. Washington post Report.. The Pentagon plans to move up to 30,000 SIV applicants to the United States in the near future while the application is being processed. Fox News reported Quoted Pentagon document on Sunday night.

“If we get more airlift from Kabul, we’ll get as many people on those planes as possible,” and “not only American citizens, but probably Afghan SIV applicants.” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told Fox News.. “We will focus on taking people out of the country and organizing them at the next stop,” he added, “we will supervise aviation operations at the airport as much as possible.” rice field.

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