U.S. military warmly welcomed NATO exercises in Albania

Durrës, Albania (AP) — Albania’s main port, Durrës welcomed the influx of large containers and heavy trucks this week prior to NATO exercises. ..

Approximately 700 equipment from the Florida National Guard’s 53rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team was released from USNS Bob Hope in Duras, 33 km (20 miles) west of the capital Tirana. These will be used for a two-week training involving up to 6,000 US troops at six military bases in Albania.

It is part of the US Army-led Defender-Europe 21 multinational military exercise, focused on deterring NATO’s invasion of more allies and partners and building operational readiness. They run from May 17th to June 2nd.

“Albania is an important partner. Our military will benefit from training together, strengthening interoperability, building operational readiness and strengthening relationships. All of this will benefit us. You can always respond to any crisis with your allies and partners. Based in Germany, said Saturday.

For Major Randall Moran, “It is very unique to bring all these groups together.”

The diver was still checking the 7 meter (23 ft) deep draft of the harbor. However, the two logistical vessels transporting the vehicle were able to operate in shallow water and worked non-stop to bring in military equipment.

British ships will also arrive in the next few days.

This year’s Defender Europe will bring about 28,000 US, Allied and partner troops from 27 countries to work simultaneously in more than 30 training areas in more than 12 countries, from the Balkans and Africa to the Black Sea and the Balkans. I got involved.

Albania, a NATO member since 2009, has provided six naval, land and air bases, and Defense Minister Nico Peresi said, “It’s a historic event because it’s the biggest exercise in Albania and the region.” Put 1,000 troops into what you call.

U.S. military officials praised Albania’s welcome, delicious food, and natural beauty.

“Albania was a great host and warmly welcomed all of our soldiers,” said Mackenfuss.

“It’s a great choice for exercise,” Moran said. “I think you’re more or less like a hidden jewel. Just as people are great, the food is great and the scenery is great.”


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