U.S. Navy leads the largest AI-assisted unmanned maritime exercise in history in the Middle East

On January 31, the US Navy launched the largest unmanned international maritime exercise ever in the Middle East.

The Navy said Monday that an 18-day training event had begun during a ceremony at Fifth Fleet Headquarters in Bahrain.

Led by the US Navy’s Central Command, 60 partner countries and international organizations have said they are participating in the 2022 International Maritime Exercise (IMX). This year’s IMX training spans the Arabian Gulf, the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Oman, the Red Sea, and the North Indian Ocean.

According to the command, more than 80 unmanned systems have been tested by 10 of the participating partner countries, marking the largest group of unmanned platforms used in naval exercises to date.

“Representatives at this level show a common determination to maintain a rules-based international order,” said Lieutenant General Brad Cooper, commander of the United States Central Command, the United States Fifth Fleet, and the Joint Navy. teeth, Said In the statement.

He added that the event offers a unique opportunity to improve command capabilities and interoperability while strengthening maritime relations.

The Navy said the IMX will allow participants to test unmanned systems and artificial intelligence technologies in a variety of training scenarios and “eventually apply lessons learned to future production operations.” ..

The training will also focus on strengthening command and control, command of the sea, maritime security operations, and landmine control capabilities, he said.

This is the first time artificial intelligence technology has been tested in international maritime exercises since it was founded in 2012.

“We are really excited about IMX because the size and size of IMX gives us a lot of experience,” said Cmdr. Tom McAndrew, an exercise planner for unmanned systems and AI integration, told reporters: Fedscoop..

McAndrew also said search and rescue will be the focus during training. Defense news.. He told reporters that artificial intelligence and unmanned systems could be useful in future search and rescue operations.

The International Navy participating in the exercise is divided into four geographically integrated MTFs led by the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Kenya and Oman. According to the Navy, a fifth Task Force Group named Task Force X was established to focus on the integration of unmanned systems and artificial intelligence.

Cmdr. Kenyatta Martin, Chief Exercise Planner for International Maritime Exercises, said planning for this year’s training event began in December 2020.

“Once incorporated an unmanned system [as] As part of the exercise, participation as well as a level of curiosity attracted considerable interest from partner countries. [and observing only]However, the level of integration and participation with the knowledge that this unmanned and AI is part of the Allied Forces, “he said, according to Defense News.

The training is scheduled to be completed on February 17th.

Isabelle van Brugen


Isabel van Brugen is an award-winning journalist and currently a news reporter for The Epoch Times. She holds a Master’s degree in Newspaper Journalism from City University of London.