U.S. Navy Officer “Received a Bribe for Cash and Prostitutes”

Ships of the US Navy's Seventh Fleet where dozens of officers received bribes

Ships of the US Navy’s Seventh Fleet where dozens of officers received bribes

The U.S. Navy commander pleaded guilty to receiving $ 250,000 in cash and prostitution services from a foreign defense contractor in exchange for a national secret.

An intelligence commander provided to the company by Stephen Shed helped scam the $ 35 million (£ 26.1 million) Navy.

Plea is the latest in the “Fat Leonard” case, which is considered one of the worst corruption scandals the Navy has faced.

Dozens of officials were trapped.

Shed is one of nine members of the Okinawa-based 7th US Fleet, charged with a scandal role by a federal grand jury in March 2017, and is a convicted third officer.

According to the Department of Justice, Shed and other officers have “sex parties with prostitutes” in exchange for military secrets and the “substantial influence” of Singapore-based company Glen Defense Marine Asia (GDMA). And received a gorgeous dinner and a trip. By Malaysian citizen, Leonard Glen Frances.

The scandal became widely known as the “Fat Leonard” scheme for the bold figures of Francis at the time. He was arrested in California after being seduced by US authorities in 2013. Since then, he has been found guilty of bribery and conspiracy and has been detained in prison or at his home.

According to prosecutors, the information provided by Shed et al. Will charge the Navy $ 35 million for services such as GDMA winning and maintaining contracts, providing tugboats to ships at ports, security, and waste removal. Helped to do.

As part of the judicial transaction, Shed admitted that he and other defendants had given Francis a schedule of naval movements and other information, and lobbyed other naval authorities on behalf of GDMA.

Defendants knew that these efforts would provide a service to pay GDMA bills, the Justice Department said.

A total of 34 Marines, defense contractors, and GDMA employees, including Francis, have been charged with crimes related to this plan. Of these, 28 have been found guilty, including two other Seventh Fleet officers.

Shed will be sentenced to California Federal Court on 21 July, and the trial of the remaining 6 Seventh Fleet officers will begin on 28 February.

“Fat Leonard” himself is expected to testify at a February officer’s trial.