U.S. Navy Seal, Cyprus Special Forces Conduct Counterterrorism Training


Limassol, Cyprus — Members of the US Navy’s Elite Special Forces SEAL unit participated in a joint training session with the Cyprus Underwater Demolition Team on Friday to hone their skills in combating terrorist hijacking at sea.

The exercise included the recapture of a terrorist-controlled ship by a team of US and Cyprus special forces.

After training, Defense Minister Charalambos Petrides of Cyprus said Cyprus and the United States are on the same “strategic path” to ensure the security and stability of turbulent regions.

He said the close cooperation between the two countries’ special forces over the past two years aims to achieve the best possible preparations to deal with the “asymmetric threat and new crisis.”

Cyprus Ambassador to the United States Judith Gerber said more joint training would continue in the near future.

The United States decided to fund Cyprus for military education and training for the first time last year, with congressional approval, as part of Washington’s promotion to strengthen relations with the countries of the region to increase security. bottom.

This funding is part of the Eastern Mediterranean Energy and Security Partnership Act approved in 2019 by US legislators. The law underscores US support for a partnership between Greece, Cyprus and Israel based on recently discovered offshore gas deposits in the region.

The law also partially lifts the 1987 US arms embargo on Cyprus to prevent an arms race that could hinder efforts to reunite ethnically divided island nations.

Associated Press