U.S. officials say 60% of Russian missile attacks on Ukraine have failed to launch or do not explode on impact.

Missile kharkiv

After bombarding in the northern suburbs of Kharkov on March 21, 2022, the unexploded ordnance of a 300mm missile that appears to contain cluster munitions is embedded in the ground.Sergei Bok / AFP via Getty Images

  • Russia has used more than 1,100 missiles in Ukraine since the invasion last month. Reuters reported.

  • However, the failure rate of missiles used by Russia is as high as 60%, US officials said.

  • Authorities were unable to provide Reuters with evidence of their assessment.

Three U.S. officials know information about this issue, as 60% of Russia’s missile attacks on Ukraine fail or do not explode on impact. I told Reuters.

According to Reuters, the Pentagon believes Russia launched more than 1,100 missiles more than a month before its full invasion of Ukraine.

However, precision-guided missiles, including air-launched cruise missiles launched by Russian troops, have seen a failure rate of as high as 60%, two officials told Reuters on anonymous terms. One source estimated that the rate could be as high as 50%.

Authorities said the failure rate depends on the type of missile being launched and what changes daily. They didn’t even mention why that rate could be so high, and they didn’t provide Reuters with evidence of their assessment.

Since the conflict began Russian missiles When bomb Stayed in Ukrainian streets and buildings and appeared online. Insiders couldn’t see them.

Ukrainian army last week Captured and launched 24 intact Russian missiles near the northwestern city of Host Mel In the Russian army.

This tactic was previously used by the Ukrainian army and focuses on repairing damaged Russian equipment captured in combat and sending them back into combat.

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