U.S. reopens Kyiv embassy after three months of closure

Employees raised the US flag outside the US embassy as the embassy reopened on May 18, 2022, after the embassy was closed for three months due to the Russian invasion in Kieu, Ukraine. (Sergei Supinsky / AFP via Getty Images)

The US embassy in Kieu reopened on Wednesday after being closed for three months due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

“We are officially reopening,” spokesman Daniel Langenkamp told Reuters shortly before the US flag was raised above the embassy.

He said a few diplomats would return to engage in the mission first.

According to Langenkamp, ​​the consulate’s operations will not resume immediately and no travel recommendations from the State Department remain throughout Ukraine.

The US embassy was closed on February 14, 10 days before Russia began a full-scale invasion. Embassy officials spent the first two months of the war in Poland, but Chargé d’Affaires Christina Kvien visited the western city of Lviv on May 2, and she returned to the country.

Many Western nations, including France, Germany and Britain, have reopened their embassies in Kieu in the past month after Russian troops withdrew from northern Ukraine and focused on attacks in the eastern part of the country.

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