U.S. restaurants face a shortage of ketchup packets in Covid’s pandemic

Close-up of a Heinz brand ketchup packet container at a restaurant in Lafayette, California, November 6, 2020.

The restaurant says it is facing a shortage of ketchup packets

The United States is facing a shortage of tomato ketchup after the demand for sachets of popular seasonings has skyrocketed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Heinz, Ketchup’s most widely sold brand, said the increase in demand was “driven by accelerated deliveries and take-out trends.”

Packs often accompany delivery orders and effectively replace bottles stored on restaurant tables.

The company said it had stepped up production.

Kraft Heinz told Agence France-Presse that it had already adjusted its production process, but “demand was greater than supply.”

He added several new production lines to the factory and developed a “no-touch dispenser” for meal services.

The price of ketchup packets is According to The Wall Street Journal, it has risen 13% since January 2020. It reported that the restaurant manager was using the “general version” and was looking for a replacement in the store aisle.

“How can I serve french fries without Heinz ketchup?” Said the owner of Blake Street Tavern, a restaurant in Denver, Colorado.

Previous shortages include toilet paper, pepperoni and aluminum cans, according to US reports.

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