U.S. retaliates against ISIS for bombing Kabul


President Joe Biden said Thursday that the United States would attack ISIS in retaliation for the deaths of more than a dozen US troops in the bombing in Kabul.

“Know this to those who have carried out this attack, and who want to harm America. We will not forgive. Remember. We will hunt you down and let you pay. I will protect our interests and our people by all means at my command, “Biden said from the White House in Washington.

The president instructed military personnel to plan to attack ISIS facilities and fighters.

“We respond to our time with power and accuracy, wherever we choose, at the moment we choose,” he said.

“These ISIS terrorists won’t win. America won’t be threatened.”

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack and boasted that the suicide bomber had passed both the Taliban checkpoint and US security forces in Afghanistan’s largest city.

“We were able to reach a large gathering of translators and collaborators with the US military, after which he detonated an explosive belt,” an ISIS terrorist said in a statement. The attackers claimed that they were able to enter within 5 meters of the US military at the east gate of the airport.

US officials fixed the death toll of Americans at the age of 12, injuring an additional 15 troops.

Dozens of Afghans also suffered casualties.

Epoch Times Photo
On August 26, 2021, smoke rises from a deadly explosion outside an airport in Kabul, Afghanistan. (Wali Sabawoon / AP Photo)
Epoch Times Photo
Screenshots show people carrying injured to hospital after being attacked at Kabul Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan on August 26, 2021. (Reuters TV / 1TV, via Reuters)

Biden spoke about seven hours after the explosion at a US-owned airport in Kabul. He and government officials dimmed after the attack, except for a brief explanation from a US general, urging some key Republicans to call for his resignation.

Biden described himself and his first lady, Jill Biden, as “outraged” and “broken heart” for the loss, adding that the family who lost their loved one was heartbroken.

He talked about how his deceased son, Beau Biden, died of cancer after serving in the army, saying he felt “sucked into a black hole in the middle of his chest.”

The US military is working with a Taliban terrorist group that hijacked Afghanistan in mid-July to carry out a major evacuation in the country. There are no signs that the Taliban were involved in or caused the attack, Biden echoed to General Kenneth McKenzie.

Late Thursday, a new explosion shook Kabul Airport. A Taliban spokesman said the explosion was caused by the U.S. military “to destroy their equipment”, agitating fears that Americans might withdraw before the August 31 deadline Biden sets. rice field.

But the president said the plan is, for now, to remain until the deadline.

The president said that people, including Americans, still need help to escape the country, adding: I think they are right. I think it’s correct. “

Zachary Stieber

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