U.S. says Russia’s withdrawal allegations “falsehood” have added an additional 7,000 troops near Ukraine

Russia’s claim that the United States is now withdrawing troops from the Ukrainian border believes it is “false” in the fear of an imminent aggression.

“Yesterday, the Kremlin said it would withdraw its troops from Ukraine,” a senior Biden administration official told reporters Wednesday night. “They got a lot of attention to that claim, both here and around the world, but now it turns out to be wrong.”

Officials said instead that the White House believed that Russia had increased the number of troops gathering along the border.

“In the last few days, Russia has increased its troops by 7,000 along the Ukrainian border, confirming that some of them have arrived as recently as they are today,” officials said.

“All the signs we have now mean only publicly speaking and claiming deescalation, while mobilizing personally for the war,” officials continued, the Biden administration said. Occurs “at any time” stating that they have received information that a Moscow-led invasion of Ukraine is possible.

Officials did not elaborate or provide evidence of their claim, but suggested that Moscow could formulate a claim to use as a “false excuse” to justify the invasion of Ukraine. ..

“Increased false allegations by Russians over the past few days, including reports of unbranded civilian tombs allegedly killed by Ukrainian troops and statements that the United States and Ukraine are developing biological or chemical weapons. We have already seen it. The West is concentrating on guerrillas to kill locals, “officials said.

“Each of these claims is categorically false and we look forward to more false reports from the Russian state media in the coming days,” they added.

“I don’t know what the false excuse will look like, but I hope the world is ready. Just as Russia’s claim to withdraw troops was false, this war of choice is justified. So is the excuse they invented to become. “

Moscow has repeatedly denied planning an invasion of Ukraine.

Officials’ allegations disagree with the recent Russian story that some troops have begun to withdraw from the Ukrainian border. Including from CrimeaAnnexed from Ukraine by Russia in 2014.

Western officials estimate about 150,000 Russian troops stationed on the border with Ukraine.

Ukraine also questioned Russia’s allegations that Russia had withdrawn its soldiers and sought to confirm evidence of its withdrawal.

“We have rules because we are constantly listening to various statements from the Russian Federation … We believe in what we are seeing. According to the Ukrainian Interfax News Agency, Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba, the foreign minister, said at a press conference on February 15 that he would believe in escalation if he saw the withdrawal. “

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in an interview with MSNBC Wednesday that the United States still “saw the retreat of its troops.”

“We continue to see important units move towards the border rather than leaving it,” Blinken said.

according to Foreign policySecretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and NATO Secretary-General Jason Stoltenberg will hold a joint press conference on Thursday.

Isabelle van Brugen


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