U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is inconsistent with Biden, Americans say they are being attacked by the Kabul Taliban


Lloyd Austin
  • Defense Division Lloyd Austin said Americans were being beaten by the Taliban on their way to the airport.

  • His comment to lawmakers came shortly after Biden said he had never heard of such an incident.

  • Afghan reporters also recorded that Americans were having a hard time arriving at the airport.

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Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin called it shortly after an American arriving at the airport to leave Afghanistan had been beaten and President Joe Biden said he was unaware that the Americans were blocked. It was unacceptable. “

“I don’t know where US citizens are going to the airport with their US passports,” Biden said on Friday about the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan in the United States.

However, Biden’s allegations were almost immediately refuted by his own Secretary of Defense in a briefing with a member of parliament, Politico reported.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby also confirmed the report.

“We told the Taliban that it was absolutely unacceptable, and we want to be free to go through these checkpoints for documented Americans,” Kirby said. “Overall, that’s happening.”

Kabul journalists reported that American citizens were blocked by the Taliban from arriving at the capital, Hamid Karzai Airport.

CNN correspondent Clarissa Ward broadcast on Friday, “I had a hard time getting into the airport. It’s like a Rubik’s cube to get to the airport … it’s very difficult. It’s not a simple process.” Said.

“Anyone who says that any American can get in here is technically possible, but it’s very difficult, but it’s very difficult and dangerous,” she added.

In previous reports from Wednesday, Ward’s camera crew caught A Taliban fighter wielding a weapon to ban access to the airport.

ABC News Ian Pannell, Report from KabulBiden said he was “completely” inconsistent with his experience on the ground and said he knew several American citizens and Afghan visa recipients who were unable to travel to the airport.

“It was breathtaking,” he said. “In last night’s World News, there were American citizens who had that very experience. They tried to enter the airport and shook their American passports … they were beaten by Tullivan with a car’s rubber fan belt. .. “

“Reality and rhetoric seem to be miles apart,” Panel added. “I’m not sure what advice the president is receiving, but the truth is that people who are afraid of their lives can’t get through.”

David Fox, one of the Americans interviewed by ABC, detailed his own unsuccessful experience trying to enter Kabul Airport.

“I actually hit one of those fan belts because it didn’t move fast enough,” he said.

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