U.S. Secretary of Defense warns of Taiwan’s China’s “growth coercion”

U.S. Defense Secretary Ryodo J. Austen said the United States would maintain its ability to resist any force that threatens Taiwan’s security, as warned of the “increasing coercion” from Beijing.

Speak in Shangri-La Dialog In Singapore, Austin quoted Beijing’s illegal maritime activity in the conflicting South China Sea as saying that the CCP administration has become “more compulsory and aggressive” in its territorial claims.

“We have seen a surprising increase in the number of unsafe aerial interceptions and maritime conflicts by PLA. [People’s Liberation Army] “Aircraft and ships,” citing a PLA Navy ship pointing a laser at an Australian fighter in February.

But stakes are “tough, especially in the Taiwan Strait,” Austin said.

“We have witnessed a steady increase in provocative and volatile military activity near Taiwan, which has been a record number in the suburbs of Taiwan in recent months, almost every day. Includes PLA aircraft in flight, “he said.

Tensions on both banks have increased in recent months, with China launching the second largest invasion of Taiwan’s air defense identification zone on May 30 with 30 PLA ​​fighters.

China claimed the autonomous island as its own country and vowed to conquer it if necessary.

Austin said Washington remains committed to its “One China” policy, but still provides Taiwan with the capabilities it needs to maintain its defense, and President Joe Biden’s remarks in Tokyo last month. It reflects.

“And that means maintaining our own ability to resist the use of forces and other forms of coercion that endanger the safety and social or economic systems of Taiwanese people,” Austin said. Said.

He further points out that Beijing’s recent military operations near Taiwan could destabilize the Indo-Pacific region, and maintaining peace and security throughout the Taiwan Strait is a global issue, not just in the interests of the United States. I emphasized that.

“We do not seek conflict or conflict, and we do not seek a new Cold War, NATO in Asia, or a region divided into hostile blocks,” he refers to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. I said.

“We will continue to protect our interests, but we will also work on the vision of the region. It is one of the increased security, the strengthening of cooperation, not the expansion of the department.”

Austin’s remarks raised Washington’s concerns about the PLA’s “dangerous, offensive, non-professional behavior” in the Taiwan Strait the day after meeting with Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe as a bystander at the Shangri-La Dialogue Summit. Expressed.

During the meeting, Austin told Wei that Washington would not support Taiwan’s independence, but would provide Taiwan with defensive weapons under the Taiwan Relations Act of 1979.

“Austin said he was watching the situation carefully and strongly discouraged China from providing physical assistance to Russia for the war in Ukraine, when he said on the phone. I repeated what I said, “said the US Department of Defense. statement.

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