U.S. Secretary of State visits Afghanistan on a surprise trip after Biden’s withdrawal announcement

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Afghanistan on Thursday within 24 hours of President Joe Biden’s announcement that all US troops would leave the country by September 11.

On an unannounced trip, Blinken met with country president Ashraf Ghani and another senior official Abdullah Abdullah in Kabul.

The inclusive message was that the United States would continue to support Afghanistan, even if the administration plans to withdraw all troops.

“We have achieved the goals we set nearly 20 years ago. We did not intend to give a permanent military presence here. The threat from Afghanistan’s Alcaida has been significantly reduced. Osama Bin Laden has been tried. After saying that he will leave military at some point for years. That time has come. But even if our troops return, Afghanistan The partnership with will continue, “Blinken told reporters at a press conference.

Mr Biden said yesterday that the first military action in 2001, which he supported as a senator, had a clear purpose and the cause was justified.

But as far back as 2008, when then-Vice President-elect Biden and President-elect Barack Obama flew to Afghanistan, Biden said, “Infinite US troops cannot create or maintain a permanent Afghan government.” It was.

“After close consultation with our allies and partners, military leaders and agents, diplomats and development experts, Congress and the Vice President, and Mr. Gani and many others around the world, I He concluded that it was time to end the longest war in the United States. It was time for the US troops to return home, “he added.

If the Taliban kept the level of violence low, the withdrawal had already been set this year under an agreement issued during the Trump administration. However, military officials have repeatedly questioned the Taliban’s meeting these conditions.

Epoch Times Photo
On August 7, 2018, US troops will patrol at the Afghan Army Base in Logar, Afghanistan. (Omar Sobhani / Reuters)

Blinken warned that the Taliban’s withdrawal attack on US troops should be understood to be filled with power, but admitted that it was time for other parties to take over the primary responsibility of paving the way for progress. It was.

“It is very important for the Taliban to recognize that it is by no means legal, rejecting the political process and trying to seize the country, it is never permanent,” he told reporters. ..

According to a reading of the Secretary of State’s meeting with Crab, authorities said, “Maintaining the interests of the last two decades in co-investing in Afghanistan and building a particularly strong civil society and protecting the rights of women and girls. We talked about the importance of. “Our common commitment to counter-terrorism cooperation and to ensure that al-Qaeda does not regain its foothold in Afghanistan.”

The Associated Press reported that Afghan leaders “respected” and “coordinated priorities” the US decision on withdrawal, telling Blinken.

Blinken also convened with Abdullah, chairman of the Afghan High Commission for National Reconciliation, to consider ongoing work towards a permanent ceasefire between the Taliban and the Afghan government.