U.S. shoots down a pair of Iranian drones attacking Iraqi airport

U.S. forces shot down two Iranian drones attacking Kurdish-owned Erbil airport Iraq On Saturday, defense officials said.

20th Anniversary Slow Attack September 11 No casualties or damage were reported, according to a spokesperson for the US-led coalition in northern Iraq.

Colonel Wayne Marotte, a spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolving Operations, tweeted on Saturday that “attacks on GoI, KRI and the coalition undermine the authority of Iraqi institutions, the rule of law and Iraq’s national sovereignty, respectively.” “These attacks endanger the lives of civilians and partner forces from the ISF, Peshmerga and the coalition.”

The drone was shot down by U.S. counter rockets, artillery, mortar systems, and U.S. authorities. Said Fox News.

One contractor died after a missile exploded near U.S. forces in Kurdistan, Iraq

Some US troops are based at Elville Airport, which has been exposed to recent attacks by Iran-backed militia groups. In February, one of the private contractors killed After at least three rockets collided near a military base in Elville on Monday.

The attack in Iraq is the first in about two months since a rocket was attacked in and around the Green Zone in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, home to the US Embassy.There were some serious damages reported injury Of two US service members.

Around Army of 2,500 Remains in Iraq, roughly Army of 900 people To maintain a security presence in the region’s ISIS reform efforts in neighboring Syria.

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