U.S. State Department requires safe and free reporting during the Beijing Winter Olympics

A State Department spokesman said on November 4 that the United States had called on China to grant media freedom three months after the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

“We urge the Chinese authorities to ensure that journalists are safe and free to report, including the Olympics and Paralympics, without restricting their freedom of movement and access,” spokesman Ned Price said. Said. Regular press conference..

Price declined to comment on the call to boycott the game over human rights issues, which he briefly outlined.

“We are clear about what is happening in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and where we stand about the human rights abuses that are happening and happening in China,” he said.

Rights groups and some US lawmakers urged a boycott of Beijing in 2022 over human rights abuses and crackdowns on civil activists in China targeting minorities.

Beijing has banned Western reporters from accessing the country and suspending coverage of the administration’s treatment of the northwestern Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, especially Uighur Muslims, while such accusations from the national media platform. Is being removed.

Price commented on China’s media freedom, following a question released by the Foreign Correspondents Club (FCCC) on a statement outlining the challenges faced by foreign journalists who want to report on the upcoming convention.

“The FCCC is concerned about the lack of transparency and clarity from the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (BOCOG) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) regarding Olympic-related reports in China,” the club said. .. Twitter thread..

“Last year, foreign media outlets were constantly in trouble with reports of preparations for the Winter Olympics, refused to attend regular events and prevented them from visiting sports venues in China,” he said.

“Members’ repeated inquiries to the BOCOG about how the international media can report on the Games have faced conflicting answers or have been completely ignored.”

In March, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman did not provide details on the promise to grant full media freedom for the game in 2022 at regular press conferences.

The FCCC said in its annual report that China used coronavirus precautions, intimidation and visa regulations to limit foreign coverage in 2020, resulting in a “rapid decline in media freedom.”

According to a report released in March, no journalist told the group that working conditions had improved for the third consecutive year.

In July, China’s state media advertised a tough rhetoric to the United States and other foreign journalists who reported record floods in central China that evacuated more than one million people. The anger of the administration-led public saw media workers such as the BBC and the Los Angeles Times threatened with murder.

“The Chinese government has argued that it welcomes foreign media and supports their work, but that action is another story,” Price said in a previous statement in July.

Reuters contributed to this report.

Rita Lee


Rita Lee is a reporter for The Epoch Times, focusing on topics related to China. She started writing the Chinese version in 2018.