U.S. sues New York cosmetics executive for violating Iran sanctions

Washington — A US prosecutor said Tuesday that he had charged the president of a New York cosmetics company for being involved in a plot that violated US economic sanctions against Iran.

Michael Rose, president of Forsythe Cosmetics Group LLC, has been accused of evading US sanctions between 2015 and 2018 by arranging more than $ 350,000 in cosmetics exports from the United States to Iran. The official said in the indictment.

They said that an Iran-based importer with whom Rose worked sent payments to New York using a front company based outside Iran and shipped goods to Iran via the United Arab Emirates. He said he had made arrangements to do so.

Rose’s lawyer, Danya Perry, refused to comment on the charges.

Rose was arrested on Tuesday by the Federal Research Office and the US Department of Commerce’s Export Enforcement Department. Prosecutors said he was expected to appear before a security judge in federal court in Manhattan.

William F. Sweeney Jr., FBI’s Assistant Director, said:

Mark Hosenball