U.S. truck drivers gather under the Michigan border bridge without causing a blockade

Some US truck drivers appeared on the bridge on the US-Canada border on Saturday to assist Canadian truck drivers in protesting their COVID-19 vaccine obligations.

A video shared by independent reporter Brendan Gutenschwager shows a truck driver driving a US road (like Thomas Edison Parkway) under the Bluewater Bridge in Port Huron, Michigan.

“Today’s protests against mandatory vaccines and Covid restrictions near the Canadian border in Port Huron, Michigan, slowly roll by the Bluewater Bridge,” he writes. Twitter post..

Some supporters are waving the American flag on the roadside.

One supporter brought food to his van for the protesters.

The traffic at the intersection looked normal at 6 pm local time, as the protesters did not climb the bridge.

As of 5 pm local time, the waiting time to the west towards the United States is less than 15 minutes by car and commercial vehicle. Michigan Department of Transportation Said.

The waiting time for a car heading east to Canada is less than 15 minutes. Commercial vehicles have to wait 45 to 60 minutes to cross the bridge, which is not an unusual wait time.

Live cameras show that traffic on both sides is moving smoothly.

The Epoch Times cannot find the organizer of the event due to comments.

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On February 12, 2022, Ontario police boarded an armored vehicle at the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor. (Geoff Robins / AFP via Getty Images)

Police moved to lift the blockade on February 11 at another crossroads to Canada, the Ambassador Bridge, after a Canadian court granted an injunction to prevent protesters from blocking the border bridge. did.

The injunction came into effect on Friday at 7 pm.

“We may be committing a criminal offense to someone who blocks the street or assists others in blocking the street, and we must immediately stop further illegal activity. You will not be, or you will be indicted that you may be prosecuted. If you are a party to a crime or are assisting others in a direct or indirect mission of this crime, you are You may be arrested, “said Windsor Police Service in Ontario, Canada. statement On Friday. “Vehicles related to crime or other property may be confiscated. If a vehicle is confiscated, it may be detained, convicted and then confiscated.”

All pickups and cicadas that protested in the blockage had left by the morning, but about 50 protesters stayed on foot, and more protesters joined them on foot. Detroit Free Press report.

Authorities placed a concrete barricade across a local road carrying traffic to the bridge tollhouse on Saturday afternoon.

Some vehicles were ticketed and towed, according to Windsor police.

Read “Aggressive enforcement related to parking in protest areas has begun. Vehicles have been ticketed and towed.” Twitter post..

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Proponents of Freedom Convoy protest the obligations and restrictions of the COVID-19 vaccine on January 28, 2022, in front of the Parliament of Canada in Ottawa, Canada. The truck driver Optimus Prime departed from Vancouver on January 23, 2022. How to protest a mission in the capital Ottawa. (Dave Chan via Getty Images / AFP)

After the Public Health Agency of Canada announced that foreign truck drivers can only enter Canada from January 15 if they are fully vaccinated, the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will start from January 22 outside the United States. In the United States, thousands of domestic truck drivers have decided to protest and meet in Otawa in an attempt to stop the order.

Truck drivers in western Canada began mobilizing on January 23.

As the record-breaking convoy passed through various cities, a crowd of people raising the Canadian flag and cheering was greeted and fireworks were set off.

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The demonstrators will participate in the Freedom Convoy protest against COVID-19 orders and restrictions in Ottawa on January 31, 2022. (Jonathan Ren / The Epoch Times)

Some states, including Saskatchewan and Alberta, have lifted proof of the need for vaccination in a protest, also known as the Freedom Convoy in 2022.

However, Ontario, where Canada’s capital Ottawa is located, has chosen to confront truck drivers.

Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford announced on Friday that the state would be in a state of emergency due to ongoing protests in Windsor and Ottawa.

The declaration includes giving authorities more authority to deal with blockages on highways, airports, ports, bridges and railroads in the 400s, Ford said.

The fine for the breach is up to $ 100,000 and up to a year’s imprisonment, Ford said, adding that the state government also provides additional authority for police to deprive those who do not comply with these personal and commercial licenses. Orde.

Lisa Lin and Isaac Teo contributed to this report.

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