U.S. veterinarian imprisoned in Iran sues for $ 1 billion and claims torture

Washington (AP) — A U.S. Navy veteran who had been imprisoned in Iran for nearly two years sued the Iranian government for $ 1 billion on Thursday for being kidnapped, held hostage, and tortured.

The federal proceedings detail the “long-term, ongoing” abuse that Michael White allegedly suffered behind the bar. For the US government.

“Mr. White endured this trauma for nearly two years, never knowing if he would be released and reunited with his family, and repeatedly promised that his condition would improve soon.

The complaint allegations reflect White’s allegations. 156 page manuscript What he wrote behind the bar, and it was later obtained by the Associated Press.

The complaint on page 31 states that White traced his trip to Iran and was seduced by a woman who was considered a girlfriend to be kidnapped and put in jail by an Iranian government agency in the summer of 2018. increase. He insulted Iran’s Supreme Leader and was charged with cooperating with the US government against Iran — accused of forging the proceedings — and sentenced to 10 years in prison without trial.

The proceedings also mean that White’s imprisonment draws concessions from the Trump administration and “manufactures additional leverage for diplomacy” after Iran withdraws from a groundbreaking nuclear deal with U.S. diplomats in 2018. Claims to have been an effort by Iran Currently trying to save the deal It will make Iran compliant with the limits of its nuclear program.

The proceedings were filed in federal court in Washington, DC. Besides White, other plaintiffs include a mother and two siblings.

It was not immediately clear whether Iran would formally respond to the complaint or if there was a lawyer who could appear in the case. If Iran does not respond to the motion, the judge can make a default decision on White’s behalf, and White can collect damages from a fund established for victims of state-sponsored terrorist acts. ..

State Department Arranged his release in June 2020He was sent back to the United States as part of an additional prison time-saving deal for a doctor in Iran, USA, who was convicted in the United States for sanctions violations. White later appeared on videotape at the Republican National Convention that summer in a segment where former President Donald Trump and other hostages and detainees were released during the Trump administration.


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