UAV reportedly crashes near Gazprom facility outside Moscow

Pictures of drones have been published on social media

Pictures of drones have been published on social media

The drone was reportedly spotted around 11:00 a.m. near the company’s gas compressor station in the Kolomensky district of Moscow province.

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Preliminary information indicated that there was no explosion after the crash.

Meanwhile, a SHOT Telegram messenger reported that the drone was spotted 10 meters from the facility’s fence. Paramedics and engineers are on their way to the scene.

The journalist also posted a photo of the drone. They claimed it was a Ukrainian UJ-22 airborne attack drone.

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“Our sources say the drone probably crashed because it suddenly lost altitude (probably ran out of fuel), got stuck in trees and damaged its wing,” the report said.

Other unexplained drone crashes in Russia were also reported overnight: Three UAV crashes were reported on February 28 in Russia’s Belgorod province, near the Ukrainian border in Kharkov province.

On the same day, an incident was reported in another Russian town, Tuapse in Krasnodar Krai. On February 28, two of his unknown drones exploded at an oil depot. The explosion caused a large fire at the facility.

Also in the northern Russian city of St. Petersburg, an emergency plan called “Kobyol” (Russian for “carpet”) was activated in the morning after an unknown object was detected in the skies above the city. The city’s airport was closed, but reopened an hour later around noon.

Russian officials later claimed it was a drill.

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