Uber adds ride-hailing options for all-electric vehicles in London


Hollie Adams via Getty Images

according to Financial Times According to reports, Uber launched a new ride-hailing service called “Uber Green” in London today, which provides environmentally friendly options for all-electric vehicles. The starting point of the journey must be the Zone 1 area in the heart of central London, but there is no limit to the end point. The fare is also the same as the normal Uber fare. This is Uber’s first step in its plan to fully electrify all services in London by 2025.

In order to electrify the fleet in London, Uber has charged an additional 15 pence per mile since January 2019, and has accumulated a total of 125 million pounds so far. This amount has helped expand the electric fleet from 100 to 100 1,600 vehicles. However, compared to the 45,000 Uber vehicles in the London area, this is still a small percentage, so there is the previous restriction on ride-hailing.

Of course, this gap between reality and the goal also makes the goal of 2025 seem a little unattainable, but the goal of London is only the first step. Uber previously promised to fully electrify fleets in Europe and the United States by 2030, and by 2040, all fleets worldwide will be electrified. Compared with this lofty goal, London’s goal seems to be relatively easy to achieve.